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Police surveillance tapes showing George Zimmerman on the night he shot Trayvon Martin appear to contradict the neighborhood watchman's claim that 17-year-old Martin punched him in the head and slammed his face into a sidewalk prior to the shooting.

The footage shows both the front and back of Zimmerman's head, and he appears to have no visible injuries, contrary to claims in the police report on the incident.

Trayvon's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, watched the surveillance tape on Wednesday's edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, and Fulton told Morgan, "We have concluded just by watching this video there may not have been any incidents at all."

"If he had a broken nose, how did he continue to keep his head down?" Martin added.

The family's attorney called the police report "a fabrication," and said "there was something that night [the police] conspired to cover up."

The tape could be a major blow to Zimmerman's self-defense claim, and legal commentator Jonathan Turley points out that Zimmerman will now have to rely on testimony from the paramedics who treated him that night to confirm any of his alleged injuries.

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