Swiftkey maps out the most used emojis per state.
Via Swiftkey
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No matter which state you call home, you probably use emojis when expressing your various feelings.

Well, Swiftkey, makers behind the popular alternative smartphone keyboard, has taken their billions of emojis used and mapped them according to which state uses which picture emotion most.

A lot of them are really pretty obvious.

For instance, Washington state uses the music and coffee emojis most.

And Arizona uses the cactus and cooling ice cream the most.

Others are just interesting collections of a specific state's most pressing emotional ...um... state.

Like, Illinois panics the most about drugs and spaghetti. Probably because of Chicago.

New York is the strongest, dances the most and uses the Statue of Liberty most, obvs.

And we know you were wondering which state uses the poo emoji most.

It's Vermont.

Which one do you use the most and does your state represent it?