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Get ready to get blown backwards by these incredible shockwaves. What can you do. The day grinds on, and and you need to find a bit of excitement, a dash of energy to spark some creativity, or simply to find the energy to keep going. Fortunately there are plenty of massive explosions and pressure waves to keep you in that seat or hustling until the day is done. So sit back and check out some of these incredible spectacles. You won't be disappointed.

The most incredible explosions and shockwaves from all over the internet. The cover photo is a perfect explosion that has a symmetrical almost polygon-shaped shockwave
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A man died after being run over by a Jelly Belly CEO's husband driving a tank
Via LA Times
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In a very sad and very weird story, a man lost his life after being run over by a tank, driven by a Jelly Belly executive's husband.

Oh, and it happened during a family reunion.

Apparently, the family-owned confectionary company is staffed with lovers of big military stuff. They need people to maintain and handle that big military stuff. Kevin Wright was one of those people.

The Los Angeles Times sheds some light on this strange story:

The accident occurred about 2:25 p.m. Saturday afternoon on the property of fourth-generation candy maker Herman Rowland Sr. during a family reunion, authorities said. Rowland is a collector of the military vehicles, which he stores in a restoration facility known as "The Tank Barn," the Daily Republic reported.

Rowland's daughter, Lisa Rowland Brasher, was named chief executive in March and reports to her father, who is now the company's chairman. It was her husband, Dwayne Brasher, 62, of Vacaville, who was driving the 1944 M5 tank, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said the victim was Kevin Wright, 54, of Suisun City, Calif.

Here's a picture of Wright:

Maybe the Jelly Belly family will stick to more pacifist hobbies in the future.