The Terrorists Won

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Controversial TSA Pat-Down of the Day: This footage of a toddler in a body cast and wheelchair being frisked by a TSA agent was uploaded over the weekend by the boy's father, Matt Dubiel.

Dubiel, co-owner of Chicago-based alternative radio station Q101, says in the description that he and his family were traveling to Disney World by way of O'Hare International Airport.

During the pat-down, three-year-old Rocco was "physically trembling with fear," according to Dubiel. "I was told I could NOT touch him or come near him during this process," he writes in one of the video's captions. "Instead we had to pretend this was 'ok' so he didn't panic."

One can only hope that in the two years since this footage was recorded, the TSA has overhauled its "toddler pat-down" policy the exclude patting down toddlers. I am certain we will hear the official excuse explanation from The TSA Blog before long.