How to Make Bread - Jamie Oliver Style (GIFs)

For most of us, bread is an essential part of many meals. For such a versatile food, it's surprisingly simple to make. If you're yearning to catch up with the bread trend that has been gripping the population for most of this year, check out our super easy guide for how to make a basic loaf of bread with ever-trustworthy Jamie Oliver. So pop to the shop and buy some ingredients, then start baking your masterpiece!

making bread at home jamie oliver style
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Toasteroid has a Kickstarter for their toaster that allows you to create pictures or send messages on your toast, from both remotely or nearby!

The possibilities of sending secret messages to your travelling latchkey Father are super exciting, as depicted by the girl from their Kickstarter video:

It works like this:

...and allows you to nag from near or far:

To be fair, it looks really cool:

So at $98,000+ already raised, toasts all around!