Scientists Develop Horrific Phone Case Made From Artificial Skin

I thought we learned our lesson from Frankenstein, but apparently not. In the latest development of freaky technology, some researchers have decided to create an interactive phone case made from artificial human skin. Instead of tapping your phone screen, you tap, tickle, and pinch the creepy skin to command your phone or laptop through it. 

Honestly, it feels like Halloween has come early because I'd never in a million years touch that haunted thing. But, as usual, some weirdos out there are into it. 

scientists create terrifying fake skin phone case
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Science of The Day: Study Shows Humans Really Hate Being Touched Anywhere by Strangers
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It's common knowledge that some people just aren't "huggers," but a new study shows that number might be much higher than you think.

Oxford University, in conjunction with Finland's Aalto University, produced the largest study ever on physical contact by interviewing over 1300 men and women in five different countries (Britain, Finland, France, Italy and Russia).

The results were shocking.

Well, not really. They basically found that humans really, really dislike having strangers touch them anywhere except their hands.

A couple interesting findings were that women are overall more comfortable with physical touch, and everyone is more comfortable with physical contact with their mothers than their fathers.

Next time you meet a stranger, maybe think twice before going in for the hug.