Restoring Faith of the Day: Farmers Band Together to Harvest Field of Man With Terminal Cancer
Via Fox 59
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Faith in humanity = restored.

Carl Bates, an Illinois farmer with terminal cancer, had over 450 acres of corn to harvest—but he wasn't sure if he would be able to do all the work given his medical condition.

Enter 40 other farmers from the surrounding community, eager to help out.

The volunteers were able to complete the work record time, using 10 combines to clear the field in about 10 hours.

Bates is currently at home under hospice care, but his cousin Jason Bates, told Fox 59 that this act of kindness has helped take some stress of the family.

"(Carl Bates' family) has so much going on right now, with medical bills and the condition he's in," said Dan. "This is one less thing they have to worry about. If they need to sell (the corn) to pay bills, it's done. They can now worry about Carl and take care of him."