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Nintendo has never shied away from its history — so much so that a crude stereotype is still their beloved mascot. Now they’re taking their nostalgia to the next level with the NES Classic Edition, a tiny version of their groundbreaking 1985 NES console packed with 30 classic games. Available on November 11, the NES Classic will everyone reminiscing about those late nights, chugging soda, and playing video games until the break of day, as well those times in the 1980s when you played the Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time.


Now that the system is only a few days from release, CNET has an unboxing video of the console and is playing it for the first time. As they note, there’s much to love about this thing, from the alphabetical ordering of the games in the main menu (which “they didn’t have to do”) to the CRT filter, which means you can make this thing look “even worse.” The video will have to itching to try this puppy out for yourself and disregarding any actual responsibilities you have for the next few days.

Check out CNET’s unboxing above and their full review here.