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A 210 lb. man from Kent, UK, was mugged for his groceries by a common red fox as he was walking home from the local Tesco.

Seb Baker, 29, says that despite his size, the fox wasn't intimidated. It chased him into an alleyway and kept circling him as if to attack.

Baker eventually placated the villainous vulpine with a loaf of garlic bread, allowing him (and the rest of his food) to escape unharmed.

Wildlife expert John Bryant told The Telegraph that Britain's urban foxes are getting bolder, but attacks like this are still rare.

He also advised against Baker's method of avoiding the attempted mugging.

"If a fox is jumping at your shopping bag you need to shout at it and chase it off, not just give it the food," he said. "The best thing to use is a water pistol."