No Go of The Day: Joe Biden Announces He Will Not Run For President
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Crazy Uncle Joe is out.

After months of speculation and drama, the Vice President has decided to sit out this next election and let the Bernie/Hillary match-up continue.

Biden made the announcement that he would not seek the presidency today outside the White House.

A lot of people were wrong about Biden's potential candidacy. The Washington Post even published a story accidentally that said he would run.

But if anyone knows Crazy Uncle Joe, they know that he likes to keep us guessing. And he likes to give us some dank memes.

Never change, Crazy Uncle Joe.

Germany stressful usa soccer world cup - 8236480512
Via SB Nation
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Depsite the 0-1 loss to Germany, the USA moves on due to Portugal defeating Ghana. Mueller scored in the first half with a stunner of a shot:

The US looked tired for much of the game and had a difficult time following their own teammates on the field. Eventually leading to this:

But the good news is that Theodore Roosevelt still approves: