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It is Guinness World Records Day, and NBC's Al Roker is attempting to do what no other weatherman has done before: a 34-hour, uninterrupted forecast.

Rokerthon, as they are calling it, kicked off at 10:05 p.m. ET Wednesday night, and will continue until around 8 a.m. Friday morning.

The rules:

-He must talk about weather for the entirety of the time, outside of breaks.

-He can talk about current weather, and weather seven days in the past or seven days ahead.

-For every 60 minutes completed, he can take a five-minute break. The breaks can carry over and be combined, so if he goes four hours without stopping, he can take a 20-minute break.

-Two independent witnesses must also be there at all times.

The current record stands at 33-hours, broken in September by

Whether he can complete the task or not, it's all for a good cause, as he is also using the stunt to help raise money for
his Crowdrise campaign to benefit the United States Service Organizations (USO).

And now, a look ahead at your Al Roker-watch forecast for hour 20:

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