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jon call weightlifter makes gains deadlifting 495 pounds while on rollerblades
Via @jujimufu
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The olympics are done. How do we know? Because weightlifter Jon Call just shut them down by deadlifting 495 pounds in rollerblades.

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Call, with his long blond hair reminiscent of Thor, the god of thunder, blades into the gym, does a cool spin move and a little march, and deadlifts 495 pounds three times, before skating away, giggling over the world he has just conquered. Fear not, mortals, for he is a benevolent god who likes Michael Jackson.

Sure, you can see any old human deadlifting hundreds of pounds in the olympics, but how often do you seem them do it in rollerblades. Sorry, 2016 Olympic Gold-Medalist Lasha Talakhadze, but either get some blades on or stay home.

Jon Call does all sorts of things to prove that he’s a god, like carrying a couple hundred pounds over a fire in a horse mask and lifting at Thanksgiving dinner. If you're feeling an intense religious terror. Don't panic. That just means your still human, so check out the rest on Jon's Instagram.

via @jujimufu