Cat of the Day: Julian Assange’s Cat Wears His Sunday Best for Visit from Prosecutors

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been taking asylum in the London’s Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012 due to rape allegation. No doubt, that gets lonely. How does he manage? Well, the cat’s out of the bag.

Known only as “Embassy Cat,” Assange’s feline companion appeared in a window this morning and watched reporters flock to the embassy door as Assange would be questioned by Swedish prosecutors for the aforementioned 2012 rape allegation. As Assange was interviewed for the rape allegation, the world fell in love with Embassy Cat, who enjoys a fish, balls of yarn, and Hillary Clinton’s email scandals. @EmbassyCat has 22,000 followers on Twitter. If you’re wondering if @EmbassyCat is good at Twitter, it mostly Tweets about emails and Hillary Clinton.

After some time of watching the media from, Embassy Cat made a costume change and returned with a red and white stripped tie around its neck. It’s cute, but maybe not cute enough to forget that Assange was currently being interviewed about a rape allegation, which he has been evading since 2012.

Anyway, here's the cat! 

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