There’s a lot of upsides to owning a dog: Unconditional love and support, constant cuddling, a catch partner. But there’s one big downside, and then you have to pick up that downside.

Which brings us to this, the best holiday gift, maybe, ever devised. Yeah, that’s right, get lost, Tickle Me Elmo.

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The Piqapoo clip attaches to a small, disposable bag to your dog’s tail. Then, when your dog needs to go, they can make it happen directly into the bag. No bending, no dirty sidewalks, just one sad dog with a bag attached to its tail.

Needless to say, Twitter is lining up to get one. Check out what people are saying:

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What can really be said about a flub like this?

It’s bad, real bad.

In the future, the flub will probably be put into gif form and used as shorthand to express grief over the failure of a sure thing.

As Deadspin put it “This is not hyperbole.” This might be the worst shot ever taken. This player from a “Serbian lower league” misses an open goal from, like, an inch away. It's hard to watch.

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Woman Arrested After Trying to Use Pizza as Form of ID
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As technology gets better, fake IDs get worse.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that a woman was arrested outside a bar in Amherst, Mass, after she struck the doorman in the face. Now what could have led to that? When he asked for her ID, she attempted to give him a slice of pizza.

via Pizza Shares

“After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment, the woman slapped the doorman in the face, according to police, and was issued a trespass notice to stay away from the location.”

Everyone knows that pizza isn’t a valid form of ID, but it is a good bargaining tool, whether you’re trying to get your kid brother to clean your room or you’re trying to lurer the Ninja Turtles back to your layer.

Look, physical violence is never acceptable, but it does seem like a lot of people in this situation had zero chill.

new santa cam replaces elf on a shelf this christmas
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Move over, Elf on a Shelf, because Santa Claus is coming to town.

You'll be seeing some new, futuristic modes of surveillance this Christmas, as two new Santa Cameras hit the shelves. Meant to scare children into behaving, these new Claus-monitoring systems aim to replace the Elf on the Shelf as the premiere Santa surveillance hardware.

Created by Emmiroo’s Photography & Gifts, the Santa Camera looks like a security camera you'd see in a store, however, this supposedly has a direct line to the big man himself, who presumably sits in a room surrounded by television screens as a opposed to doing his job. This leads to an important question: Is Santa Claus' magic bound to the technology available at the time, or has he always had these security cams and chose not to use them.

Santa is bringing some next level fear and intimidation this holiday season. The Cam even comes with a cryptic note written by Kris Kringle, indicating that he’s got “keep a very close eye on you all.” We don't know what Santa thinks we did, but whatever it is, we're sorry.


In addition to the physical camera, Santa Cam ornaments are also set to appear on Christmas trees this holiday season.


via @8infinitedesign

It’s only a matter of time before a whistleblower leaks the wide range of intel Santa’s collecting in the North Pole, Snowden style.

Check out The Huffington Post for more on the terrifying future we now live in.


adulting school maine opens to teach millenials to be grownups
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Growing up can be tough, what with knowing when to brush your teeth and feeding yourself and, ugh, putting pants on. The worst.

Thankfully, someone has set out to confirm all the worst stereotypes about millennials and teach them how to break them. Enroll now in, *sigh* Adulting School. With classes in finance, health, relationships, communication, and handiwork, The Adulting School is here to teach you how to “Adult.”

via The Adulting School 

Founded by psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein and former public school teacher Katie Brunelle and based out of Portland, Maine, The Adulting School offers a variety of seminars and classes on how to be a big person who can take care of themself. You can even take an Adulting IQ exam to find out how adult you are. Note: The exam does not ask the most common adult questions, such as "Who am I?" and "What am I doing with my life?" 

Their website promises:

“You don't have a ton of time to commit or money to spend on figuring it all out and that's okay — we have succinct, useable, accessible information in our workshops, summits, webinars and blogs. We've gathered quality, down-to-earth experts as part of our community to answer your questions and get you moving forward with the adulting fundamentals you need.”

Get your life together and become a master adulter (that can’t be the right word) today!

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Via: Team Coco
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Real life hasn’t been that much fun lately, right? With your job, Thanksgiving, and Tax Day (I mean, that thing's always around the corner), wouldn’t be nice to just get away for a while? Check out into a different reality.

Well, science is currently working on that, and our old friend Conan O’Brien got to try it out for himself. Over at the YouTube’s VR Lab in New York City, Conan took virtual reality for a test drive, performing his normal routine of yelling at employees, co-workers, robots, and gym coaches in the new digital world, on Conan last night.

This video should have you very excited for the future, where you can harass robots and eat corn on the cob sandwiches. Watch the video and you’ll get it.

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There’s a new president, so there’s no more time to stand around. The Mannequin Challenge is over, and it’s time to move, take action, and cower in fear.

At least that’s the MO of the new viral sensation that’s sweeping high schools around Vine or Snapchat or whatever kids are using these days. Personally, I’m 952-years-old, so it’s all Myspace to me.

This new challenge is so easy, it’s almost instinctual. Someone yells, “Trump is coming” to a group of people, and everyone runs away in fear. It’s not so different from a Tokyo resident in a Godzilla movie, except much more real.

via Scified

The challenge is barely funny. It’s more just a thing to look at, nod your head, and say, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

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