Jennifer Lopez Video Preview of the Day

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Jennifer Lopez is ripping a page out of Britney Spears' playbook in this preview of the singer's new video for "Dance Again."

J.Lo is sweaty, glittery, whipping her hair, and dangerously close to her new boy toy Casper Smart in the new clip.

The video will premiere during tonight's episode of American Idol.


Twitter Flirts of the Day

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Madonna recently returned to Twitter due to popular demand, and the iconic singer engaged in a little flirtation with her former make-out buddy, Britney Spears.

"Please come on stage and kiss me again," wrote Madonna, after Spears tweeted her love for MDNA. "I miss you!!"

"Tempting..." replied Spears, causing Madonna to cheekily retort: "Are you gonna make me work for this?"

"Why of course!" replied Spears.

BRB, swooning.


Rumor Roundup of the Day

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<li><strong>Above:</strong> <em>Breaking Bad's</em> <a href="" target="_blank">opening credits</a> done <em>Mad Men</em>-style.</li>
<li>Regina Spektor's <a href="" target="_blank">new video</a> for "All The Rowboats."</li>
<li>Emily Deschanel was a <a href="" target="_blank">terrible older sister</a> to Zooey Deschanel.</li>
<li>Can there please be a <em><a href="" target="_blank">Wayne's World 3</a></em>? Party time, excellent!</li>
<li>Michelle Duggar would like to teach you a few things <a href="" target="_blank">about overpopulation</a>.</li>
<li>Britney Spears <a href="" target="_blank">wants out</a> of her conservatorship.</li>
<li>Jim Carrey might be <a href="" target="_blank">trying out marriage again</a> with his new Russian girlfriend.</li>
<li>The Dum Dum Girls have <a href="" target="_blank">unveiled their new video</a> for "Coming Down."</li>
<li>The relationship between Katherine Heigl and her mother is <a href="" target="_blank">getting serious</a>.</li>
<li>Piers Morgan is still <a href="" target="_blank">being a total Stunt Queen</a>.</li>

Rumor Roundup of the Day

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<li><strong>Above:</strong> A <em>Mad Men</em> remix, <a href="" target="_blank">by PopCulturePirate</a>, entitled <em>QueerMen: Don Loves Roger</em>.</li>
<li>Jessica Simpson is going to <a href="" target="_blank">name her daughter Maxi</a>, which is a terrible idea.</li>
<li>Jason Segel talks about <a href="" target="_blank">what he misses most</a> about being in a relationship.</li>
<li>George Clooney <a href="" target="_blank">ditched Stacy Keibler</a> for Michelle Obama.</li>
<li>The Hold Steady's Craig Finn is launching <a href="" target="_blank">his own beer</a>.</li>
<li>Ashley Judd's rep explains <a href="" target="_blank">why she appeared all puff</a>y on her recent media tour.</li>
<li>Jennifer Lopez's manager thinks <a href="" target="_blank">she's slumming it</a> with Casper Smart.</li>
<li>Britney Spears is set <a href="" target="_blank">to guest star</a> on <em>Modern Family</em>.</li>
<li>This girl, who <a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Videogum+%28Videogum%29" target="_blank">loves Michael Cera</a>, is sort of terrifying.</li>
<li>Drake <a href="" target="_blank">wants to seduce you</a> with <em>Sixteen Candles</em> and dinner by the pool.</li>

Engagement Ring Gloating of the Day

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Engagement Ring Gloating of the Day:

Rich And Famous Real Estate of the Day

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Rich And Famous Real Estate of the Day:

Britney Spears Follow Up of the Day

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Britney Spears Follow Up of the Day: