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<li><strong>Above:</strong> Selena Gomez <a href="" target="_blank">tweeted this photo of James Franco</a> from the set of their film <em>Spring Breakers</em>, and apparently he's playing Kevin Federline?</li>
<li><em>Downton Abbey</em> becomes "Downton Arby's" in <a href="" target="_blank">this new parody</a> by Sketchy.</li>
<li>Christian Slater is doing a lot of <a href="" target="_blank">naughty and nice tweeting</a>.</li>
<li>Chloe Moretz has been <a href="" target="_blank">offered the lead</a> in the new <em>Carrie</em> remake.</li>
<li>You can expect a <a href="" target="_blank">new record from MGMT</a> in September.</li>
<li>Yoko Ono talks about <a href="" target="_blank">John Lennon's affair</a> with their assistant, May Pang.</li>
<li>Ameriie is back with <a href="" target="_blank">a new song</a>.</li>
<li>Did Raffles van Exel, the man who is suspected of taking the coffin photo of Whitney Houston, also <a href="" target="_blank">clear her hotel room</a> of drugs?</li>
<li>The Black Keys are <a href="" target="_blank">dissing Spotify</a>, and calling Sean Parker an "a**hole."</li>
<li>Rumor has it that Eva Mendes is <a href="" target="_blank">hanging out with Ryan Gosling</a> in Thailand so he doesn't run off with his co-star.</li>

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Actress Gillian Anderson, who plays Miss Havisham (left) in a new Masterpiece Classic adaptation of Great Expectations, recently revealed that she was offered a role on the PBS hit Downton Abbey.

"Hopefully people will embrace it with the same love that flowed toward Downton Abbey," Anderson said of Great Expectations. "I was actually offered a part in Downton."

The star admitted to TV Guide that the role was Cora Crawley, a character now played by Elizabeth McGovern (right).

Anderson is familiar with the costume-drama genre: she hosted Masterpiece Classic and got rave reviews for her turn in 2006's Bleak House, another Charles Dickens adaptation.

Great Expectations will premiere April 1st on PBS, and the third season of Downton Abbey is expected to air in America in early 2013.

Anderson made headlines yesterday when she came out as bisexual in the new issue of Out magazine.