Emma Stone Is Awesome of the Day

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Emma Stone recently taped an appearance on The Ellen Show, and she opened up about getting to kiss both Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling.

If you weren't so down-to-earth and cool, Emma, we'd be having major beef.


Rumor Roundup of the Day

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<li><strong>Above:</strong> <a href="http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/67516731.html" target="_blank">New stills</a> from the upcoming March 25th <em>Mad Men</em> premiere.</li>
<li>Brad Pitt <a href="http://www.celebitchy.com/216079/brad_pitt_tells_ellen_degeneres_that_he_gets_far_too_much_credit_for_make_it_right_nola/" target="_blank">discusses his Make It Right foundation</a> with New Orleans-native Ellen DeGeneres.</li>
<li>D-list stars are <a href="http://www.tmz.com/2012/03/20/danielle-staub-michael-dina-lohan-dial-a-star-website/#.T2kMQ2JSTah" target="_blank">raking it in</a> on a new site called Dial A Star.</li>
<li>Adele's <em>21</em> has officially <a href="http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/180524/adeles-21-has-sold-more-copies-than-the-dark-side-of-the-moon/" target="_blank">sold more copies</a> than Pink Floyd's <em>The Dark Side of the Moon</em>.</li>
<li>Jessica Simpson is still <a href="http://theblemish.com/2012/03/jessica-simpson-set-to-release-flood-of-amniotic-fluid/" target="_blank">oversharing</a>.</li>
<li>Louis C.K. and Ewan McGregor <a href="http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=24140" target="_blank">are in love</a>, and it's beautiful.</li>
<li>Escándalo! Last night's <em>RuPaul's Drag Race</em> was a <a href="http://www.dlisted.com/2012/03/20/open-post-hosted-puddle-drag-queen-barf" target="_blank">big, barfy mess</a>.</li>
<li>Jon Hamm doesn't think <a href="http://videogum.com/495082/awww-jon-hamm-doesnt-think-hes-handsome/celebrity-gossip/" target="_blank">he's handsome</a>.</li>
<li>Sienna Miller is keeping a low profile, but there's no hiding <a href="http://www.laineygossip.com/Articles/Details/23017/Pregnant-Sienna-Miller-shoots-ad-in-London" target="_blank">that baby bump</a>.</li>
<li>Nick Cave and Debbie Harry <a href="http://www.pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/13322-the-breaking-hands/" target="_blank">cover "The Breaking Hands"</a> by Gun Club.</li>

Megan Fox's Fruit Fright of the Day

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In this new teaser clip, Megan Fox screams in surprise after a giant banana sneak attacks her on The Ellen Show.

Before the giant fruit made an appearance on set, Fox was discussing her first job at a Florida smoothie shop where she had to dress up as a banana once a week.

The actress appears on an upcoming episode of Ellen DeGeneres' show to promote her film Friends with Kids.