Free At Last of the Day

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Lindsay Lohan, almost five years after her initial arrest for a DUI, is officially done with formal probation.

"She did it," said Judge Stephanie Sautner. "She has done everything that this court has asked of her. Probation terminates today. Now."

The actress is on informal probation until May 2014 for last year's shoplifting conviction, but she will not have to report to a probation officer.

"Live your life a more mature way. Stop the night-clubbing," Sautner told her. "The DUI case is over, the necklace case is hanging over your head until May 2014. I don't expect to see you again."

Lohan thanked the judge, who wished her good luck.

The actress is set to guest star on Fox's Glee, and will begin shooting Lifetime's Liz & Dick in May.


Glee Guest Star of the Day

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Lindsay Lohan has been confirmed as Glee's latest guest star.

The actress, who was once the target of jokes on the popular show, will reportedly play herself in one of this season's final episodes.

Lohan's rep Steve Honig revealed to People that she would appear on the show after rumors swirled yesterday that she was in final talks with Fox.

Sources say she will be a celebrity judge at Nationals, the singing competition that usually ends each season of Glee.

The troubled actress seems to be setting a course for a comeback: She most recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and her probation from a 2007 DUI is scheduled to end tomorrow.


Lindsay Lohan's Guest Role of the Day

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in final talks to guest star as herself on an episode of the hit series Glee.

A source close to the show says the troubled star will play a celebrity judge at Nationals, the competition that usually ends each season of the Fox hit.

The judging panel usually includes a guest star, and Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban have filled those spots in past episodes.

Back in 2010, the show famously made fun of Lohan, joking about her multiple stints in rehab.

TV Line notes that Lohan's last stint on a scripted television show occurred in 2008 as a guest on Ugly Betty. She most recently hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, which was panned by critics.


Lohan Hit and Run Update of the Day

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The victim of Lindsay Lohan's alleged hit and run last week has demanded a six-figure payout from the actress, and is threatening to release a surveillance video of the accident if she doesn't pay up by next Tuesday.

TMZ reports that Thaer Kamal, the man who says Lindsay's Porsche hit him in the knee, has also attempted to sell the video. He claims the footage shows Lindsay behind the wheel during the accident before she gets out and trades seats with a passenger, who drives away from the scene.

Witnesses to the incident haven't backed up the events supposedly shown on the video, and Kamal reportedly told people at the scene he wasn't hurt until he found out who was driving the other car.

The timing is unfortunate for Lohan, who's headed to court next Thursday for a probation hearing. If Kamal's evidence proves to be legit, Lindsay could be found in violation of her probation and be sent back to jail.


Lindsay Lohan Rumor of the Day

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Porn star Alex "Voodoo" Torres recently claimed to have slept with Lindsay Lohan while her father Michael Lohan was asleep in the same house.

"Ask him [Michael Lohan] if he knows about that night I had with his daughter while he was sleeping upstairs," said Torres on a Toronto Newstalk 1010 radio show. "I'm not joking!"

The adult film star then implied that Lohan was one of many celebrities to pay him for his services. Host Jim Richards then asked again if he'd been with Lohan, and Torres replied: "I'm saying that."

Lohan's rep barely dignified the claims with a comment and only said "I don't feel the need to respond to claims made by a porn star."

Torres made headlines last year when he filmed a porn-centric skydiving stunt. His story comes to light just after Lohan was rumored to be pursuing photographer Terry Richardson.


Lindsay Lohan's Lockdown of the Day

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Lindsay Lohan is on self-imposed house arrest after she made headlines last week for allegedly hitting a man with her Porsche.

According to a source, Lohan is staying home on the advice of her closest friends, who want her to keep a low profile until her probation is over in two weeks.

The actress is supposedly only leaving home to fulfill the demands of her community service.

Last week, Lohan allegedly grazed the knee of a hookah bar manager with her car as she was leaving a Hollywood club. The day after, sources said the man intended to hire a lawyer and press charges.

Her probation is set to end on March 29th.


Lindsay Lohan Follow Up of the Day

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Lindsay Lohan took to Twitter this afternoon to declare that she did not hit a man with her Porsche, and called the accusation a "complete lie."

"I've been at community service," tweeted Lohan. "Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn't even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi."

According to bystanders, the actress grazed the knee of a man who works as a manager at the nearby Hookah Lounge and then sped off.

Authorities said he was not injured, but this morning sources reported that the 26-year-old went to the emergency room and intends to press charges.

"These false accusations are absurd," concluded Lohan.

See what you've done now, everyone? She didn't even get to tell her friend happy birthday. Now stand still so she can teach you a lesson with her Porsche.