Rumor Roundup of the Day

Rumor Roundup of the Day
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<li><strong>Above:</strong> Jennifer Lopez and <a href="" target="_blank">her manly stunt double</a> on the set of her new video for "Follow the Leader."</li>
<li>Russell Brand says <a href="" target="_blank">Steve Jobs made him</a> throw a paparazzo's phone.</li>
<li>Why was Angelina Jolie <a href="" target="_blank">in Amsterdam</a>?</li>
<li>Avril Lavigne is a classy lady <a href="" target="_blank">who wears classy jewelry</a> to interviews. Just kidding. She's so punk rock.</li>
<li><em>The Artist's</em> Uggie is so famous he's <a href="" target="_blank">having his own scandal</a>.</li>
<li>Blind items! Which mom-to-be has <a href="" target="_blank">already inked a deal</a> with a diet company?</li>
<li>The Dream and The Weeknd are having <a href="" target="_blank">a Twitter feud</a>, and somebody is The Hamburglar.</li>
<li>We can now <a href="" target="_blank">scientifically predict</a> celebrity divorces.</li>
<li>Prepare to swoon: Nick "Ron Swanson" Offerman <a href="" target="_blank">did an interview</a>.</li>