photoshop ads image This Advertisement Has so Many Photoshop Fails It's Hard to Count Them All
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This new ad is meant to poke fun at some of the photoshop fails that are all too common as models are made to be more and more "perfect". According to Snickers, there are 11 total mistakes in this photo. 

kanye west gofundme The 'Get Kanye out of Debt' GoFundMe Has Inspired Some of the Best Comments of All Time!
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Rumor has it that Kanye West is $53 million in debt. Although he could probably ask Kim to make another phone app and bail him out, a fan has stepped up to plead his case. The creator of this GoFundMe campaign, Jeremy Piatt, asks everyone to give what they can to help this artist keep creating:

We must open our hearts and wallets for Kanye today. Sure he is personally rich and  can buy furs and houses for his family, but without our help, the true genius of Kanye West can't be realized. 

As Kanye West has told us time and time again he is the "greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time". Great artists need to be supported financially to achieve their full potential. 

A lot of people have felt compelled to comment, most of them without donating. 

Some of the comments are pretty spot on:

This might, literally, be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Congratulations. You're what's wrong with the world.

via Andrew 'Stripes' Winter

Some are just painful:

I would rather pepper spray my own dickhole than give him a penny.

via Christopher Byron Sparr

But perhaps one of the best things to come out of this campaign is this lovely extended metaphor:

Kanye is like a stinky turd that just wont flush no matter how many times you crank that flusher. hes like that log that just sits across the whole in the bottom and wont go down with the water but you dont want to touch it so you just keep flushing. it smells so bad that everyone else in the house can smell it and you start to panic because its a holiday and the whole family is over so you try to find a plunger but there is none in that bathroom. Kanyes stink is so bad its going to give you post traumatic stress and require years of therapy because it just wont go away and its stench brings tears to your eyes and makes it difficult to breathe. Kenye is the turd that you cant escape. sorry Kanye im not giving you my money so that you can continue to ruin everyones family holidays. i hope someday you finally get flushed.

via CJ Gravy

Kanye may not get out of debt but the world is certainly richer because of this attempt to help him. 

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This self-cleaning installment will be open for business Friday and Saturday nights and disappear during the day.  It's meant to deter men from using the usual places like alleyways and trees after a night of drinking. 

via 7 News Perth

Supporters of this system say it's better than a permanent public bathroom because it doesn't stick around long enough to invite vandalism and other unsavory behaviors. It's also more compact so it allows places that don't have room for a full bathroom to fulfill the need of a late night passer-by without becoming a permanent, unsightly fixture. 

video games leonardo dicaprio Leo's Red Carpet Rampage Is the Only Part of the Oscars You Need to Attend
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In Leo's Red Carpet Rampage you are asked to put Leonardo DiCaprio's fate in your hands to finally win that Oscar. Gameplay is pretty easy to understand, but it's harder than it looks. 

You'll have to dodge photographers, outrun Eddie Redmayne (and other nominees) and complete a series of nearly impossible minigames such as "Find the Black Nominee", "Write Your Acceptance Speech" and "Act Harder". 

At times you'll even have to dodge Lady Gaga. 

Okay, to be honest, the game isn't very hard, but it's one heck of a ride. 

math brain teaser People Are Finding It Hard to Agree on a Solution to This Fruit Based Brain Teaser
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This is one of those "brain teasers" that often pop up on Facebook with an annoying and statistically ambiguous title like "Only 5% of the population know the answer to this puzzle!" According to The Daily Mail, this one has been floating around since December. 

For once the people in the comments actually have something worth arguing about. You may not have noticed at first but the illustrations in the last equation are different than all the other ones. Let's walk through it.

First, apples definitely equal 10, that much is clear. From the next equation you can guess that each banana bunch equals four. Now we can assume that the coconuts equal two.

So the last equation should add up to 16. 2+10+4 =16 right?

BUT there's only ONE coconut half this time and only three bananas. So is that 1+10+3=14?

This has people arguing about whether the concept of the fruit is a constant number or if that number can change as the picture of the fruit changes. To make matters worse, Dr Kevin Bowman, a Mathmatics course leader at University of Central Lancashire spoke to the Daily Mail to try to "clear" things up.  According to him, they can represent whatever you want since the only unambiguous fruit is the apple. Also, everything you thought about coconuts is wrong. He concluded his interview with this:

You might even say that the two coconut pieces in the third equation are different sizes, and therefore add up to three quarters or even seven eighths when put together.

In that sense, there are an infinite amount of possible answers.

So no one can know the real answer until, somehow, the commenters on Facebook reach some sort of philosophical consensus on how we treat visual representations of fruit.

harry potter crafts Someone Used Digital Magic to Make a Real Life Weasley Clock
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Harry Potter fans may remember the Weasley's magical clock that always knows the location of family members. 

via Harry Potter Wikia

Well, someone made a real life version of that clock. Using the GPS of his family's smartphones, Imgur user tbornottb was able to program the clock to light up when they reached different locations. Reading through the step by step process makes it seem almost easy.  All it took was a whole lot of wires, lights, programming, app coordinating.... 

It was basically magic. 

The result of all that work is a beautiful piece of technology and probably well worth it. Although it does carry the implication that your parents will know your location at all times...

sports twitter ESPN Tried a Bold New Camera Angle and Everyone Hated It
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During a Michigan-Ohio State basketball game, ESPN debuted a camera angle that was supposed to make people feel like they were sitting courtside. Unfortunately, it was not the experience they hoped for. 

via @BTpowerhouse

It turned out to be a weird angle that didn't account for the referees who ended up blocking out much of the screen anytime they walked by.  People hated it so much, it's probably safe to say that ESPN will not be trying this again. via @AceAnbender, @eboland11, @BryMac@Reflog18

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