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For your body positivity of the day, Twitter has erupted with the "Mermaid Thighs" craze as an antidote to the thigh gap. "Mermaid Thighs" are thighs that touch:

To show your love for damn fine thighs, use the hashtag #mermaidthighs

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Via: Teen Vogue
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In a shocking turn of events, Stanford University has made Model/TV Host/Vacant Starer Tyra Banks a Professor:

Banks will be a guest lecturer for MBA students next May, co-teaching a class on personal branding. May we suggest they expand her course offerings to include "The Art of Fierceness," "Neck Lengthening for Beginners"...

and "Theorizing Branding With Only Your Eyes."

Get it, girl.

Via: Shweta Jha
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The Cincinnati Zoo is trying to put the drama of Harambe behind them by asking the Internet to "Stop making memes of our dead gorilla."

So, in honor of the "retirement" of the Harambe Meme, here are some of our favorites:

The zoo might "not be amused," but we sure as hell are! RIP Harambe.


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Here's all the news you may have missed:

1. Grab that Remote, It's Fall TV Time, beotches!

Time to lace up your Taylor Swift-issue Keds, grab your retro backpack, and queue up your DVR so you don't miss these awesome new Science Fiction and Fantasy Shows on TV This Fall!

2. Hunger Games IRL at the Olympics

During the men's marathon on Sunday, Ethiopian long-distance runner Feyisa Lilesa pulled a Hunger Games moment and showed his support for the Oromo Protests in his home country by making a specific motion with his arms:

Showing the sign is highly political though, so when he spoke a press conference after the marathon he said what he risked with the gesture, "If I go back to Ethiopia maybe they will kill me," he said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"If I am not killed maybe they will put me in prison. [If ] they [do] not put me in prison they will block me at airport. I have got a decision. Maybe I move to another country."

Like the Hunger Games, let's hope the people can rise above this oppression.

2. Donald Trump Breaks the Lie Barrier

Fact Check says Trump's First Ad Averages 1 Lie Every 4 Seconds. I can hear Hillary's slow golf-clap from here. Let's hope his next ad doesn't disappoint us either.

3. But Did You See the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team on the Beach in Rio?

I'm just saying, I didn't know it was possible to get an 8-pack:

Great job getting all those Olympic metals, ladies.

4. It's Thor Time!

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth have started filming Thor: Ragnarok in Brisbane, Australia:

Checking pulses.... yep, we're still in love! Looking forward to this next step in the series!

5. All of NASA's Research is Now Online for Free

Yep, you can now follow along on super-scientificcy NASA research stuff from the comfort of your home sweatpants:

Now it's time to dig into their data and see if I can create that settlement on Mars next door to Mark Watney.

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The firm Workhorse has just beaten Amazon to legal drone deliveries by skirting FAA rules with a simple fix.

Check it out in action here.

They reinterpreted the FAA's "visual line-of-sight of the operator" rule by simply deploying their drones directly from inside their trucks, easily in sight of their drivers. This simple fix had thwarted Amazon for months.

No word yet from Amazon's camp.

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Via: Twitter
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Donald Trump just said for us to call him "Mr. BREXIT" on Twitter:

Understandably, the internet erupted in ridicule for the man who, until very recently, was unfamiliar with the term "BREXIT" entirely:

...and for the WIN:

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Snoop Dogg, the world's most chill weed advocate, is taking on the NFL's desire to have access to guns in a new Instagram video.

Snoop takes issue with the NFL wanting to give football players access to guns but not access to weed. He successfully argues that football is already a violent profession which lends itself to perpetuating a violent environment amongst the players, and that weed would be a panacea to this problem of violence and allow the players some respite from their aggressive environment.

He even reached out the NFL to offer his services as an advocate to make this change happen:

Do it, Snoop.

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