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Baseball player Bryce Harper was just named National League MVP last week. He also let the entire world know he doesn't want to be a meme.

The trouble with that is he pronounced meme like "meh-may" and thus was turned into a meme.

An interview with Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter is where the MVP was where the gaf happened.

And a new meh-may was born...

Welcome to the Internet, Bryce.

We are a cruel people.

Fail of The Day: The Hottest New Toy Will Wreck Your Kid's Hair
Via: Amazon
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If you want your kid to hate you forever, this is what you should get them for Christmas.

Bunchems, this year's trendy toy for kids, is causing some major problems for children with long hair. Mainly, the tiny pieces used to create 3D artwork are ripping out all of their luscious locks.

The toy is supposed to make things like this...

But parents on Amazon are saying the pieces of the toy are a nightmare if caught in hair.

The Bunchems website does have a video tutorial on how to get them out of hair, and there are warnings on the box.

But...is it really worth it?

We'll stick with Gak.

Via: Ubermass
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Mark Cuban is so chill, you guys.

The billionaire was taking part in a League of Legends show match at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose on Saturday when he started trash talking the other team.

During an interview (about 1 minute in the video above) he dropped an f-bomb and was informed he would have to pay $15,000, which was OK because it would go to charity.

But then he did it again.

"So if I say it again I have to pay another $15,000?"

You da man, Mark Cuban!

Study of The Day: Pew Research Shows 40 Percent of Millennials Would Censor Offensive Speech
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America: Land of the free and home of censorship?

A new study by Pew Research shows that American Millennials are far more likely to support the government banning offensive speech about minority groups than other generations.

Of those aged 18-34, 40 percent support censoring offensive speech.

"We asked whether people believe that citizens should be able to make public statements that are offensive to minority groups, or whether the government should be able to prevent people from saying these things. Four-in-ten Millennials say the government should be able to prevent people publicly making statements that are offensive to minority groups, while 58% said such speech is OK."

Although this statistic might be shocking to some free speech advocates, it really should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans still say "offensive speech" should be allowed. And out of 38 other nations polled, the median was 35 percent.

There's also a difference in education levels and support for limiting speech. Those with a high school degree or less are 9-percentage-points more likely to support censorship.

You can draw your own conclusions with that last statistic.

chris hemsworth movie image Transformation of the Day: Chris Hemsworth Loses His Bodybuilder Physique for His Film 'In the Heart of the Sea'
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It appears that mighty Thor has gone on a dramatic weight loss program that he has nicknamed "Lost at Sea" in an Instagram post revealing his new look. 

For his new role in a movie about the real-life whaling ship Essex that was attacked by a whale in 1820, inspiring the book Moby Dick. He had to go on an extreme diet, along with the rest of the cast, to look like a shipwrecked first mate. 

Watch him get attacked by a whale in the trailer here:

Surprise of The Day: Hyena Tries to Eat Elephant Through Booty Hole, Things Get Crazy
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Gotta eat the booty like elephant butt?

One curious hyena got the surprise of its life after finding a dead elephant carcass and shoving its head inside the elephant's anus.

It is actually a common scenario for predators to start devouring an animal starting with the booty. But in this case, the hyena maybe should have started elsewhere.

"He got a little bit of a scare from that," says one of the scientists in the video.

Yes, yes he did. We are all scared of elephant buttholes now.

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