pokemon go Germany bridge - 8965839872
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The Mayor of Dusseldorf has blocked off a bridge in the city so that players can catch pocket monsters in safety.

The Girardet bridge has Pokestops at either end and is a hotspot for players, with people coming from as far away as Holland to get in on the action!

Düsseldorf residents ordered to pay up for 'Hitler asphalt'
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Düsseldorf residents ordered to pay for construction of a road that began in 1937 and was only finished in 2009. They must now pay up to 14,000 euros!

German couple stumbled upon the world's oldest message in a bottle.
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While strolling along the beach in surely a very romantic setting, a German couple spied what is believed to be the oldest message in a bottle in the world.

As it says in The Telegraph:

Marianne Winkler, a retired post office worker, found the message from the past while on holiday with her husband on the North Sea island of Amrum.

Mrs Winkler found the bottle in April, but was shy of publicity and the full story has only now emerged.

"It's always a joy when some one finds a message-in-a-bottle on the beach," she told the Amrum News, a local website.

But the 108-year-old message was not the passionate last gasp of a tortured soul or even the cry for help from a long lost castaway. Rather all that was inside was a postcard written in English, German and Dutch promising a shilling to the person who returned it with information on where and how it was found.

Love wasn't the culprit here. It was science.

The return address pointed Winkler to the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, England.

It turned out the bottle was one of 1,020 released into the North Sea between 1904 and 1906 by George Parker Bidder, a former president of the association.

Bidder released the bottles as part of a project to find out about deep sea currents.

The bottles were specially designed to float just above the sea bed, so they would be carried by the currents deep below the surface.

The association was very happy to receive the bottle and even gave Winkler an antique shilling for her trouble.

While the Guinness World Records has yet to officially award the bottle the 'oldest in the world', it makes for a great story.

Look at this romantic couple:

German Holocaust memorials aren't really the best place to do CrossFit.
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Dave Driskell, a guy that goes around promoting Crossfit and updating his Instagram account, made a pretty wrong move in Germany.

As captured by Buzzfeed before Driskell took it down, the world traveler posted the above picture of him displaying his taut muscles atop the monument entitled the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The wikipedia page says this of architect Peter Eisenman's 2,711 concrete slabs in Berlin: "According to Eisenman's project text, the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason."

Or, as Driskell wrote on his Instagram post, "Hello Berlin, Germany. 15 hour layover. Checking the sites. Drinking the beers. Eating the bratwurst. #vagabond #wanderlustwods #handstands #365daysofhandstands."

Usually, he's handstanding his way in far more innocent places. Like some gully in Iceland.

With all that blood constantly rushing to his head, maybe it makes it hard to think about when to promote your fit bod.

Via: The Guardian
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Heads of state don't usually comfort audience members, especially those suffering from their government's actions.

A high school Q&A session led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a sudden emotional turn after a Palestinian girl began asking about Merkel's deportation policies, which may lead to the student's deportation, according to The Guardian.

During the discussion, entitled "Good life in Germany", Reem, a Palestinian, told Merkel in fluent German that she and her family, who arrived in Rostock from a Lebanese refugee camp four years ago, are soon to face deportation.

She said: "I have goals like anyone else. I want to study like them ... it's very unpleasant to see how others can enjoy life, and I can't myself."

Merkel responded by saying she understood, but that "politics is sometimes hard. You're right in front of me now and you're an extremely sympathetic person. But you also know in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon are thousands and thousands and if we were to say you can all come ... we just can't manage it."

The heartbreaking video is watchable here. It's in German, but it's not hard to figure out what's happening.

The Guardian adds further context to the deeply complicated issue:

[T]he German chancellor rubs the shoulder of a sobbing teenager after telling her she was one of "thousands and thousands" of refugees that her country was unable to help.

As the number of refugees arriving in Germany rises by the month – and already this year the number of asylum applications, at 450,000, is more than twice the total for the whole of 2014 – the issue is one of the most keenly debated topics in the country.

In Germany, partly out of disagreement with Merkel's politics, possibly partly from a coping mechanism and definitely partly from Internet boredom, the Chancellor's actions have become a meme. It has been promoted using the hashtag #merkelstreichlt which means 'Merkel strokes'.

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Every year a bunch of neo-Nazis march through the German village of Wunsiedel to the former gravesite of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

This year, the town decided to do something about their Nazi problem by letting them continue to march, while at the same time, collecting money for an anti-Nazi group called EXIT-Germany.

For every meter they marched, local businesses agreed to donate money to the organization, and by the end of the day, they had raised about $12,500. The Nazis didn't know about the fundraiser until they saw signs along the route encouraging them and reporting on their progress.

You can watch the video above produced by the group who organized the event, "Right-wing Extremists Against Right-wing Extremists."

apple berlin Germany iphone 6 - 8337068288
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Whether by serendipitous accident or purposeful satire, this ginormous billboard featuring the latest iPhone 6 is a little bit... well... crooked. My money's on that they put this billboard up before the whole bending controversy came to light. Funny how things just work out, don't they?