Adorbs of the Day: People are Rightfully in Love with These Japanese Sea Slugs

Japanese Sea Slugs are adorable.
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We all know Japanese culture appreciates some cute things and it's found another one in a sea slug.

The jorunna parva, or adorable bunny slug of the sea, has been making the rounds of Japanese social media and setting a new standard for cuteness in slugs.

We admit, it's not a very high bar.

Just look at them:

Oh, and they are also absolutely tiny, growing to a maximum of 21 millimeters.

As we say, the lovely little things have been crawling their way across the international Twittersphere. Unfortunately, we don't read Japanese, but we can assume these admirers are big fans of the bunny slugs.

Go ahead and watch the adorable things in action.

Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

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While you’re waiting for your Burger King Whopper cologne to go on sale, why not snack on a tasty KitKat sandwich?

Japan is at it again, with fast food chain First Kitchen offering the sugary treat for a limited time.

And it only costs 220 yen ($1.80)! Which is a steal really, compared to the cost of your future medical and dental bills after gorging yourself on bacon-wrapped pizzas and jelly donut hot dogs.

The sandwich consists of a “KitKat for Cafe” candy bar placed in between two pieces of fluffy bread smothered in whip cream and sprinkled with orange peels for some extra kick.

You can check out some more detailed images of the latest food pr0n here.

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Gif of the Day: This Japanese Train Goes Over 300mph

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The Central Japan Railway Company is in the midst of an 8-day testing period for its maglev (magnetically levitated) train, which can travel at speeds up to 311mph. Japan's bullet trains currently run at about 200mph.

One hundred passengers got to go for a ride this week during the first trail run in Yamanashi Prefecture.

But… should they really be "testing" this thing out with people on board?

If all goes as planned, the maglev trains will be operational 2027, providing a 40-minute trip between Nagoya and Tokyo (normally 80 minutes).

Space Video of the Day: Fireball Meteor Appears Above Japan

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The people of Japan were surprised Monday night by a giant fireball shooting through the sky.

Was it Godzilla warning of his arrival or an alien pod soaring down to Earth to initiate an invasion?

Not quite, but it was still cool to watch. Experts say it was probably a bolide or "fireball" meteor, a piece of an asteroid that ignites upon entering Earth's atmosphere.

But that's what the aliens would want us to think, right?

WTF of the Day: This Sennheiser Commercial Gets Really Weird

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Eargasm alert... and we call Japan's commercials weird.

Oddly Interesting of the Day: Train Seats in Japan Reset for Their Next Journey

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Photo of the Day: IRL Thomas the Tank Engine Spotted in Japan

thomas the tank engine,Japan,Photo
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If you're planning to visit Japan this summer, you might want to check out the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, as the railway line has dressed up one of its steam engines as Thomas the Tank Engine, and will be offering rides on the train as a special attraction.