Weasel Riding Woodpecker Inspires Hilarious WeaselPecker Meme

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Essex photographer Martin Le-May captured this epic moment on Monday, in which a weasel is soaring on the back of a woodpecker. It was Tweeted out by birder/wildlife photographer Jason Ward where it quickly went viral and had many people wondering if it was real or photoshopped. It’s apparently very real.

As we walked we heard a distressed squawking and I saw that flash of green. So hurriedly I pointed out to Ann the bird and it settled into the grass behind a couple of small silver birch trees. Both of us trained our binoculars and it occurred that the woodpecker was unnaturally hopping about like it was treading on a hot surface. Lots of wing flapping showing that gloriously yellow/white colour interspersed with the flash of red head feathers. Just after I switched from my binoculars to my camera the bird flew across us and slightly in our direction; suddenly it was obvious it had a small mammal on its back and this was a struggle for life.

He added that the woodpecker managed to get away, while the weasel wandered off into the grass.

Real or not, you can’t put a picture like that online and expect to walk away meme-free.

Here are some of the best responses from Twitter of the #WeaselPecker:

Photo of the Day: Ariana Grande Dodges Winged Victoria’s Secret Model

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She has one less problem without fashion models wearing giant butterfly wings.

Ariana Grande was performing at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion show Tuesday in London, when model Elsa Hosk almost knocked her to the ground with her costume.

Her face is priceless, and her hashtag about the incident is even better.

Selfie of the Day: Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Looks like Miley found someplace to put that crazy, dangling tongue of hers.

Here she is taking a makeout selfie with Arnold Schwarzenegger's son at a University of Southern California football Thursday night in LA.

Photo of the Day: World's Tallest Man Meets World's Shortest Man

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To celebrate Guinness World Records Day, this happened.

The tallest man in the world, Sultan Kosen (8 feet, 3 inches) met the shortest man in the world, Chandra Bahadur Dangi (21.5 inches) in London.

Meanwhile, in NBC studios in New York, Al Roker is livestreaming his bathroom breaks, er, trying to break the world record for longest weather forecast.

Selfie-Photobomb Hybrid of the Day: A Canadian Woman and a Squirrel Capture a Flawless Selfie-Photobomb

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Stacey Wallace, 28, from Vancouver, took this amazing selfie at Lightning Lake in British Columbia's Manning Park.

"In order to get the selfie I laid on the ground meters away from the squirrel and slowly crawled towards him until I got close enough so that we were both in the shot. I took all the photos with my iPhone front camera.

I also coerced it with raw nuts to come out of his hole. You can see the nut sitting in front of his face.

The little guy also allowed me to hold it. It's actually a ground squirrel I think. But they burrow in holes so that's more like a gopher."

Congrats Stacey, your perfect selfie is perfect.

Controversial Photo of the Day: Chelsea Handler’s Topless Putin Photo Sparks Instagram War

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Chelsea Handler repeatedly posted a topless photo of herself riding a horse to Instagram Thursday night, mimicking the classic shirtless Vladimir Putin shot.

But Instagram, citing its Community Guidelines, repeatedly removed the photo.

Needless to say, she was not happy, accusing Instagram of sexism.

"Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to prove I have a better body than Putin." She wrote on her account.

So who wore it better? Handler or Putin?

Photo of the Day: Squirrel Tries to Steal Pumpkin?

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British photographer Max Ellis tricks squirrels into posing and interacting with various props by encouraging them with carefully placed treats.