Not a Single Damn of the Day

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A baseball fan or not, you've probably heard about San Francisco Giants' World Series parade on Wednesday that had such a high turnout that local school districts saw a noticeable drop in class attendance rate. Well, this photograph taken by Redditor Spattersp shows there was at least one guy who didn't care at all (cue Farmville theme song).

Not a Single Damn of the Day is a feature series that celebrates some of the most carefree people and laid back animals in our everyday lives.

Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day

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Today's heartwarming post-Hurricane Sandy story comes from Redditor RuffDesperado, whose friendly neighbor is offering free electricity to people who need to charge their phones. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey residents have been facing massive power outage on an unprecedented scale, which may take longer than a week for complete restoration, according to the utility companies.

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The Best Of PSY's Reddit AMA of the Day

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Here's the thread in full.

Serendipity of the Day

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When photographer Patrick Lu noticed a man proposing to his girlfriend on the capital grounds in Austin, TX, he instinctively snapped a pic to capture the moment.

It turned out so well that the next morning, he threw the image up on Reddit to try and discover the identities of the mystery couple.

Lu's inquiry quickly made it to the top of /r/Austin with 1,400 up votes, but the groom-to-be, Joel Bush, caught wind of the thread through friends.

Bush, shocked, says he and fiancée Jennifer Orr are grateful:

We experienced that magic on its own terms, with no thought about posing or anything. And, because the photographer did such an awesome job, we also have that precise moment and her beautiful reaction captured for safekeeping. It's pretty priceless.


Badass Dad of the Day

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A Toronto-area man who is "almost entirely blind" has been making statues out of scrap metal for years, including dragons and dinosaurs.

He asked his daughter to show the pictures on Facebook, but she had bigger plans -- and landed the front page of Reddit.


Hivemind of the Day

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The rules of AskReddit clearly state: "AskReddit is for thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring questions. If your question can be answered by google, or in one word, it isn't right for AskReddit."

Rules, shmules.

Redditor elkresurgence threw caution to the wind this morning when he asked: "Which famous person needs to come out already?"

Within hours, every single response read "Tom Cruise."

Then, DutchessPDX brought everyone back to earth:

I think we need to stop speculating on who's gay and who's straight and let people get on with their lives. Gay or straight doesn't matter. But obviously Tom Cruise.


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Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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Remember Scott Widak, the man with Down syndrome who was terminally ill with liver disease, and whose nephew Sean O'Connor posted Widak's address to Reddit this past spring?

"One of my uncle's favorite things to do is open mail, and I thought that if he got a lot of mail it would cheer him up."

Widak died Saturday, and O'Connor returned to Reddit with an update -- and with a beautiful Imgur album that captures the last months of Widak's life, and the letters and gifts he received from all over the world:

Thank you reddit for thinking of my uncle. He will surely be missed... His general cheerfulness did decline a bit as he got more ill, but his happiness didn't fail to shine through at times no matter how sick he got.