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The War on Christmas has been going since the beginning of Christmas, apparently. 

Adam might have ruined the history behind It’s a Wonderful Life, but today today he’s going for the yuletide jugular.

In this clip from “Adam Ruins Christmas,” Adam Conover takes audiences on an animated journey back to ancient solstice festivals to mark the end of Harvests. These parties were filled with cool things like cross dressing and fire — not tinsel, Aunt Mary-Anne. They were also the original Christmas celebrations, before a certain someone crashed the party.

Eventually, Adam tells that when Christians took over, they gradually introduced Jesus into these celebrations as a compromise. Citizens of newfound Christian municpalities could continue their celebrations if they included Jesus, so December 25 became Jesus' birthday party. 

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We all love Star Wars, but you know what would make it even better. Exactly. Hamsters.

The folks over at Mashable have heard a million voices cry out and then silenced them. They've made Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope starring hamsters. No longer will we waste our time on substandard Star Wars movies or puzzles, because “Hamster Wars” is here.

Watch as the massive Darth Hamster gnaws at his subordinates or as Luke Wheel-walker rescues the galaxy. It’s Star Wars in two minutes. With hamsters It’s adorable. Enjoy.

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2016 was not great. And almost as some sort of sadistic joke, rather than just making a video pugs taking a bath and looking all relaxed, Google decided to remind us with another Year in Search video.

The Year in Search compiles clips from the most googled terms in one video, allowing us to relive the horror that was 2016, the year when we all realized that things were bad and could get much, much worse.

via Niner's Nation

Set to Grace VanderWaal’s song “Light the Sky,” Google tried it’s best to put a positive spin on this year by being nice enough to remind us of the deaths of David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Prince, and democracies all over the world. They also reminded us of deaths we might have forgotten, like Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali (Yeesh, this year was awful). There’s only one clip of President-elect Donald Trump, that billionaire reality game show host who won the presidency last month, so no mentions of Making America Great Again. Oh, they also had some Olympic footage. Remember the Olympics? That was a fun distraction.

Anyway, if you have the stomach for it, check out Google’s Year In Search video. It has the Lin-Manuel Miranda Tony acceptance speech, which was really nice, Pokémon Go, and Beyonce. Try and let those things inspire you as we trudge into 2017 cautiously optimistic, which feels a too optimistic of a description.


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You, boy, what day is this? said Scrooge hundreds and hundreds of times.

If anyone knows that it’s Heath Waterman, a YouTuber and self-proclaimed “idiot” who spent a year compiling hundreds of versions of A Christmas Carol and turning them into one, single version.

via Comedy Central

The video highlights how many different versions of Scrooge’s story there are, jumping from a Batman comic to Veggie Tales in a single cut. But there’s a seemingly endless array of version cut together through film, TV, audio, books, and more.

As The AV Club puts it:

"There’s an unending parade of pop culture figures in here: Oscar The Grouch, Mr. T, Aqua Teen’s Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future, Sanford And Son, Montgomery Burns, countless audio versions and raunchy parodies, weird old Masterpiece Theater stuff, Lawrence Olivier, Howdy Doody, the Cryptkeeper, a couple of porns, Mickey Mouse, Matlock, Xena, and so on."

This nearly-hour long version of A Christmas Carol makes it’s point, that no matter how you’re telling the story, “bah humbug” always means the same thing.

God bless us, everyone.

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