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After a holiday weekend, it can be hard to get back in the swing of things. Whether you’re still working through that turkey hangover or just readjusting to a sleep schedule, few things feel worse than a Monday after a vacation.

Which is why, as always, we give thanks to the internet, and its endless supply of weird videos where valuable things get destroyed.

In that spirit, the YouTube channel Crushit has supplied us with an oddly calming video of a $40,000 gold brick getting crushed by a hydraulic press. The results are nothing less than therapeutic, as the camera holds a tight close up for this precious metal, which could probably make your life much, much easier, get flattened. In universe dictated by chaos, this is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

Go ahead and get lost in this dude just wrecking this $40,000 golden rectangle. It will help you feel better about this being Monday.

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I could watch this all day.

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We’ve heard a lot about how thin and powerful the new iPhone 7 is. We’ve also heard a lot about how waterproof it is. But one question remains: Is this thing Acid Proof?

Good question, which is why TechRax poured the world’s most corrosive acid on the world’s most popular cellphone to find out.

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Taking several crystals of Fluoroantimonic Acid and dropping them on a working iPhone 7, TechRax tests if the phone can withstand the acid for a day. The acid begins to eat away at the casing but does little to destroy the phone's battery. so The host then adds some hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid. Things get fun from there.

The results and the strength of Apple’s phone are very surprising, especially considering that most people break their phones by dropping them in the toilet. The phone actually turns on in the end, but what the acid does to this thing physically is really cool.

Via: Wired
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You hear it every year:

“Turkey makes me sleepy because I’m a wittle baby.”

You’re probably so sick of hearing that, and not just because you invited a giant talking baby to your Thanksgiving again, but also because it’s not necessarily true.


Wired has taken umbrage with the idea that the tryptophan-heavy turkey is what causes the Thanksgiving tiredness. In fact, as they point out in this bite-sized video, it’s the whole meal that makes you tired.

From soup to nuts, or whatever Thanksgiving metaphor that works better for this article, the whole meal delivers a hardy mixture of tryptophan and carbs. Ugh, not them again. Basically you get tired because all the food you eat contains these chemicals and all the carbs in potatoes and stuffing you cram down your gullet on Turkey Day force your body to slow down and digest.

Check it out the video and be the smartest person at the table.

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