Sexism Experiment of the Day: News Anchor Wore Same Suit for a Year

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This week in shirts and sexism

Karl Stefanovic, from Channel 9's "Today" show in Australia, revealed for the first time this past weekend, that he has been wearing the exact same blue Burberry suit every day for a year (with a couple exceptions).

The experiment, he said, was to highlight the sexism that his female co-anchors face on a daily basis.

While no one noticed or commented on his clothes, his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, has said that she receives regular criticism and style advice from their viewers. A lecture she gave last year inspired Stefanovic to conduct the experiment.

"Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear," he said.

The video above shows every suit he wore in 2014.

And you might also be wondering: Did he wash it? A few times, apparently.

"It does get a little bit stinky," he said.

Oops of the Day: Greece Uses Australian Landmark in Tourism Video

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Greece is the new Australia.

The national tourism agency has featured a well-known landmark in a new promotional video for the country. Unfortunately, it's from the wrong country.

The video uses 15 seconds of footage from a time lapse video of the stars above the Twelve Apostles rock formations, shot by Australian photographer Alex Cherney.

But the agency is defending itself, claiming that it wasn't a mistake, according to "The Sydney Morning Herald:"

The embarrassing blunder has been compounded by "preposterous" claims by the Greek tourism ministry that the use of the images are justified because constellations seen in the sky above the apostles on the video "carry Greek names".

The 12 Apostles debacle is actually the second controversy surrounding the video since it was released in early November. The government also mistakenly included footage of Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics and was forced to re-edit it.

Ad of the Day: Sainsbury's WWI Christmas Commercial Sparks Controversy

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This ad might make you feel all warm and tingly inside, but some people are up in arms over it.

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's, in partnership with The Royal British Legion, has released a new WWI-themed Christmas commercial for its store. It's based off of a series of unofficial, real-life ceasefires between those battling in the front lines on Christmas in 1914, showing both British and German soldiers briefly gathering together, sharing food, singing and playing football.

It's very moving, and visually stunning - as far as advertisements go - but the concept has people complaining that it's inappropriate to use the war to promote a supermarket.

"A story such as this has no place in an ad which, at its core, is urging you to buy your turkey and trimmings at Sainsbury's," writes Ellen Stewart for Metro.

Ally Fogg at the Guardian is calling it "a dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece."

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received over 200 complaints, and Neil Kelley, an advertising expert at Leeds Beckett University, told the Mirror that it made him feel "unclean."

The video, which premiered Wednesday, already has nearly 5 million views.

So what do you think? Tasteful or Tacky?

Protest of the Day: Australians Stick Heads in Sand for Climate Change

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While the world was gawking at Kim Kardashian's oily butt, Australians were sticking their own butts up in the air on Bondi Beach to speak out against the government's lack of action on climate change.

In 2009. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called climate change "crap," but changed his stance this year to say he would take it "very seriously."

But because Abbott decided against adding climate change to agenda of the G20 summit, which kicks off this weekend, more than 400 protesters gathered to shove their heads in the sand to make a statement.

Uh Oh, Looks Like Turkeys Know What Holiday is Coming Up Next

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In Wallingford, Connecticut, the turkeys eat YOU for dinner.

"Fred" and "Ethel" have been spotted chasing cars and causing havoc in the streets nearly every morning by commuters.

Either way, these turkeys won't be going in an oven without a fight!

Animal of the Day: Cute Paper Cat Will Make You Crazy

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This cat loves paper.
And the only thing it loves more than paper, is driving you to the brink of insanity, one flick of its paw at a time.