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George Zimmerman claimed self-defense when he shot and killed a young, unarmed man named Trayvon Martin in 2012. He was acquitted of all charges and now he's selling the gun as "a piece of American history".  

Maybe his confederate flag business isn't doing so well? 

Bidding starts at $5,000 and he is literally planning to use some of the proceeds to fight Black Lives Matter activists, or as he put it according to the video "fight [Black Lives Matter] violence against law enforcement officers".

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Sit down Neil McCabe.

"It's just part of life, I think," proposes McCabe at one point, when he's confronted with the unavoidable fact that more than 130 people have already died from gun violence in the U.S. this year.

This is where Snow channels his inner GoT Jon Snow, and goes off in the most effective, yet vaguely stoic way possible.

"No, it's part of death, Mr. McCabe," responds Snow. "That's death. That's dead people, people who have died as a result of guns."

Stand up. Now leave Neil McCabe.

The Golden Globes Didn't Know the Difference Between America Ferrera and Gina Rodríguez
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America Ferrara, known for her role in Ugly Betty got to kick off the anouncements of the Golden Globes nominees.

via @ditzkoff

Uh.. wait, Golden Globes, why did you just say that was Gina Rodríguez? 
Gina Rodríguez was nominated for an award for her role in Jane the Virgin. There she is now!

via @JarettSays

No, no that's the same event as before. That's still America Ferrera!  

After being called out on the misidentification, TWICE, the Golden Globes' Twitter account seems to have deleted the offending tweets and started identifying America Ferrera as herself.

Neither actresses have commented but people are pretty mad about the mistake. Someone who's job includes knowing who celebrities are and Tweeting about them probably should have been able to figure it out. Or at least ask someone, or take one second to Google who was presenting the Golden Globes nominees. 

'MERICA of the Day: This Ordinary Family Christmas Card is Packing Some Serious Heat for the Holidays
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This lovely family belongs to Michele Fiore, a Nevada lawmaker. There's only one problem with this image, where are the toddler's guns? Don't they get guns? Maybe the little ones are exercising their right to concealed carrying. 

Via: [8:46]
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People born after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 will never know that impact it had on those who experienced it firsthand and those who watched from around the world.

But this might give a slight glimpse into what happened that day.

A new virtual reality experience named [08:46] puts users in New York's World Trade Center as the tragic events of September 11 unfold.

The experience drops users in the North Tower moments before impact.

From the project's Oculus Share page:

Based on countless hours of research in order to try to properly recreate the atmosphere and dynamics within the top floors of the towers, [08:46] was designed and developed as a school project during three months by a six members team, working in close collaboration with two actors for mocap and voice acting.

You can download the project right here and try it out for yourself.

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Just ahead of Pope Francis' first visit to America, Twitter rolled out some new emojis to welcome the leader of the Catholic church.

The social media company explained the new emojis in a blog post.

As Pope Francis (@Pontifex) makes his historic journey to the US, there will undoubtedly be excitement and celebration surrounding his arrival – both in the cities he visits, and on Twitter. Considering the warm Twitter welcome he received shortly after being named Pope, we anticipate many devotees will flock to Twitter to savor his visit.

No matter where you are, we want to make it easy for you to follow right along with his journey. We also wanted to offer a bit of fun to the proceedings, so today you'll start to see special Twitter Emojis that celebrate his historic visit to the US. To see the emojis appended to the end of the hashtag, simply Tweet your messages using these hashtags:

They also offered a list of notable accounts to follow during his six-day visit and a chart of the increased Twitter traffic it has caused.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey welcomed the Holy See with the new emoji:

And others have joined as he arrived.

Welcome to America, Your Popiness!

Swiftkey maps out the most used emojis per state.
Via: Swiftkey
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No matter which state you call home, you probably use emojis when expressing your various feelings.

Well, Swiftkey, makers behind the popular alternative smartphone keyboard, has taken their billions of emojis used and mapped them according to which state uses which picture emotion most.

A lot of them are really pretty obvious.

For instance, Washington state uses the music and coffee emojis most.

And Arizona uses the cactus and cooling ice cream the most.

Others are just interesting collections of a specific state's most pressing emotional state.

Like, Illinois panics the most about drugs and spaghetti. Probably because of Chicago.

New York is the strongest, dances the most and uses the Statue of Liberty most, obvs.

And we know you were wondering which state uses the poo emoji most.

It's Vermont.

Which one do you use the most and does your state represent it?

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