Andy Warhol Works Created on Amiga Disks Recovered After 30 Years

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The art experiments were produced in 1985 by Warhol under commission from Commodore - creator of the Amiga computer.

Commodore paid the artist to produce a series of works to aid the launch of the Amiga 1000.

A painstaking three-year project was required to recover the images which were saved in an obscure data format.

Here's more of the art:

Weird Tube of the Day: Macaulay Culkin Eats a Slice of Pizza

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The star of the 1990 holiday hit, Home Alone, has recently released this video of him eating a slice of delicious pizza. Though it seems very strange, the video is in homage of Andy Warhol's art piece where he simply eats a Burger King Whopper. Given the time of year, one might guess that Culkin's choice of food might also be in tribute to his famed character, Kevin McCallister, whose favorite food was plain cheese pizza.

Letter Of Note of the Day

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Letter Of Note of the Day: Andy Warhol's landlord didn't care much for the star-studded shindigs the pop art Bohemian was hosting in his legendary East 47th Street Factory, and let know as much in this professionally PO'd letter from 1965.

Partial transcript:

Dear Mr. Warhol:

We have been advised that you have been giving

Reali-Tee of the Day

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Reali-Tee of the Day: In the future, everyone will think they're famous for 15 minutes.