Animal of the Day: Octopus Tries to Escape Seattle Aquarium

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An octopus recently tried and failed to make a break for it at the Seattle Aquarium.

The 8-legged beast climbed up his tank and nearly made it over the edge before a member of the staff thwarted his plans.

He was probably just hungry and headed for the crab tank. Or he was jealous of some his cellmates who were recently granted their freedom.

A few weeks ago, the aquarium successfully mated Franklin and Hazel who met on an octopus “blind date” before releasing them back into the wild.

Here’s video footage of the two being set free below a pier.

Surgery of the Day: Fish Receives Fake Eye to Fit In with Tankmates

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A copper rockfish at the Vancouver Aquarium developed cataracts in his eye and had to have it removed. The sad little one-eyed guy then retreated to the bottom of the tank and was constantly picked on by his tankmates.

To help save him from the abuse, head veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena recently performed surgery to give him a prosthetic replacement.

"Without an eye, the other fishes would act aggressively towards it for appearing sick and weak," the aquarium wrote on its blog.

They put the fish under anesthesia before the procedure, seen above.

After the surgery he seemed to fit right back in with the others.

"Ever since we put in the prosthetic the fish is right back in the mid-water column, interacting with other fish," Haulena told Global News. "He's more robust. Everybody, including the fish, seem a lot happier now."

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Oh Sweet Irony of the Day

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Roll call is falling short over at the New York Aquarium. According to a statement released yesterday by the Wildlife Conservation Society, some of the aquarium's fish collection were lost as a result of flooding and power outage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Death by flood in an aquarium. ... huh. On the upside, it reported that "walruses, sea lions, seals, sea otters, sea turtles and sharks are all fine."

Everybody Needs A Hobby of the Day

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Everybody Needs A Hobby of the Day: Nottingham man Jack Heathcote is the proud owner of Britain's largest home aquarium.

The 4,800-gallon tank, located in his basement, set Heathcote back about £5,000 (~$8000), but he says he is "very happy here with my very own underwater world."