No One is Allowed to Have Opinions of the Day

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Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health & Human Services, gave the commencement speech at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute on Friday, only to be heckled as she was addressing the graduates, then met with anti-contraceptive protesters outside the building. In terms of the public disagreement over birth control, Sebelius offered the following:

These debates can be contentious. But this is a strength of our country, not a weakness. In some countries around the world, it is much easier to make policy. The leader delivers an edict and it goes into effect. There's no debate, no press, no criticism, no second-guessing.

She was probably called a "commie" for trying to say that it's easier for other countries to write and pass policies. Still, bravo for politely calling people out on ruining a graduation ceremony because they have a problem with common sense.


Follow Up of the Day: Fluke Rejects Limbaugh Apology As More Advertisers Bail

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Follow Up of the Day: The Georgetown University law school student attacked by Rush Limbaugh for seeking to testify before congress on the subject of contraception responded on today to the radio host's statement of apology released over the weekend.

"I don't think that a st

Blunt Amendment News of the Day

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Blunt Amendment News of the Day: The Senate voted today to reject legislation authored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) that aimed to offset President Obama's health care mandate requiring employers to provide contraception coverage to female employees.

The legislation would have given employers the right to refuse any medical coverage they were religiously or morally opposed to.

Lawmakers in the Democ