Scumbag Steve Rap of the Day

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Blake Boston, aka "Scumbag Steve," is a case study in embracing unexpected Internet fame. Boston has managed to parlay his notoriety as a meme into a popular Tumblr, and now he's resurrecting his long-dormant hip-hop ambitions with a track about (what else?) Scumbag Steve.

His future plans include releasing a new track every Thursday on his just-launched website, ScumbagThursdays.

Knowing Scumbag Steve, though, he probably won't drop a new song until the 1st of the month (which is also when he plans to hit you back for the 20 bucks you loaned him).

Steve fans can also catch the 'bag himself at this weekend's ROFLCon at MIT.


Internet Celebrity Interview of the Day: Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve

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Internet Celebrity Interview of the Day: Blake Boston of Scumbag Steve fame sits down with Rough Draft TV to talk about becoming more meme than man.

"I think the original person who made up Scumbag Steve was actually trying to ruin me, 'cause you know I'm an aspiring hip-hop artist."

(sNSFW, Salty Language Steve.)


Reversed Meme of the Day

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Reversed Meme of the Day: In light of Know Your Meme's recent interview with the upstanding citizen behind the ubiquitous Scumbag Steve meme, in which it was revealed that the so-called "scumbag" is actually a pretty decent dude ("I go to school full time at night and work full time...cuz I have a baby boy on the way"), Reddit deci