Somehow This Is News of the Day

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Well, Snooki just gave birth last night. It's also known that the ancient Mayans foretold 2012 as the End of the World.

COINCIDENCE? Yes, probably. Snooki and co. could never possibly amount to anything that important.


Rihanna On the Big Screen News of the Day

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Battleship hasn't come out yet and Rihanna's possibly landed herself a plum role in the upcoming Fast Six movie. The film is the latest in the strangely successful Fast and the Furious franchise, proving that it's able to jam-pack the basic elements that make America so great in two hours: fast cars, beautiful women, men with square jawlines, and The Rock and Vin Diesel punching the living spit out of one another.

Another surprising casting tidbit is that David Tennant of Doctor Who fame is also reportedly in talks to star in the movie. Whether the TARDIS will be outfitted with rims has not been specified.