redditor receives tons of x box nintendo nes classic zelda video game stuff from bill gates on reddit secret santa
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Traditionally the worst part of the holiday gift giving season, Secret Santa generally sends offices around the world into a tizzy. Employees often try and fail to get something for their co-workers that won’t just sit in a drawer somewhere. Alas, any gift purchased from a CVS that stay under the $20 limit are not destined to be anyone’s favorite.

But every now and then you get that person who is willing to break with tradition, spend a little more, and make everyone else in the office feel bad. That person this year was Bill Gates, former richest man in the world and current one of the richest men in the world.

via Seeing Things in a New Light Ford

Gates, who has done these Reddit Secret Santa exchanges for the last few years, seemed to outdo even himself, presenting Reddit user Aerrix with a ton of video game merch, including a Nintendo NES Classic, some Zelda gloves, and an X-Box, which he presumably didn’t even pay for. He’s probably just re-gifting that one.

“Merry Christmas to all yall out there, and to Mr. Gates, who has the biggest heart and REALLY KNOWS HOW TO TREAT A GIRL TO SOME VIDEO GAMES (and video game paraphernalia)! I’m just blown away by his generosity, which went even further than all these gifts because he submitted a donation to in my name to give more students the chance to learn computer science, which is AWESOME because it’s something near and dear to my heart as my husband is a programmer and my brother has a degree in computer science!
Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much Mr. Gates! I’ll never EVAR forget this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D”

Reddit does these Secret Santa exchanges based on interests. She smartly picked video games. Check out everything that was waiting for her under the tree:

I won Secret Santa...Bill Gates was my Santa!
Australian woman finds venomous tiger snake in her christmas tree
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How bad do you have to be for Santa to bring you a venomous snake instead of coal?

A woman in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia found a poisonous tiger snake in her Christmas tree on Sunday. This strange recreation of the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden was not done on purpose. According to the BBC, “the reptile entered through an open door before curling up among the decorations.”

via BBC

This may not have been the woman’s first rodeo, though, as she seemed to know exactly what to do, leaving the room, jamming the door with a towel, and calling for help.

Mostly protected in the United States, tiger snakes usually live around the coast, but the snake wrangler said he’s found snakes in “ugg boots, washing machines, dog kennels, cat boxes, toilets, kitchen cupboards and bookcases.”

The 12 days of Christmas are getting scarier every year.

via Mashable

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You’ll shoot your eye out, or will you?

Don’t you want to know if a bb gun can shoot your eye out will? What about if you put a blow torch on your head for seven seconds? If a 95mph snowball hurts?

Now, before you run out and try them for yourself, these "professionals" tested them out for themselves. From A Christmas Story to Home Alone, these two test out the most famous Christmas movie myths. Watch as they shoot a cow eye with a bb gun, test a 95mph snowball, and more. The results may shock you.


christmas snow inspiring - 8996434688
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When you sit on Santa’s lap what do you ask for? A puppy? Rollerskates? For grandpa to still be alive?

Well, these little girls wanted nothing more than a white Christmas. But one cannot control the weather — not yet anyway — leaving this dad, and defacto Santa Claus, out in the cold. But this isn’t the time for sitting down. This when you lace up your snow boots and get to work.

Asif Sheikk of London ordered a truck of snow to order roughly three tons of snow to a communal garden near his house to create a small patch of winter wonderland.

via The Daily Mail

"It was a bit of a race to get it all set up before the girls woke,” he told The Daily Mail. "I had to make sure my wife kept the curtains closed while I built the snowman and placed the cameras. It was a lot of effort but it was so worth it just to see their faces – they totally loved it.”

Check out the video for yourself and let your heart be warmed already.

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You ever have one of those dreams where you’re trying to make a statement about asbestos in parliament, but your singing tie keeps going off? It’s a classic.

However, for one memeber of Irish Parliment, it was a reality. 

via Justin Guitar

This Irish MP unexpectedly to imbued his statements about asbestoswith a little Christmas cheer. As he stood up to deliver his remarks to his fellow parliament members, his tie began playing a little version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It was a little musical accompaniment to the words “exposure to asbestos.”

This might be a great new tactic to people onboard about the dangers of asbestos. It’ll appeal to kids and elves, for sure.

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You, boy, what day is this? said Scrooge hundreds and hundreds of times.

If anyone knows that it’s Heath Waterman, a YouTuber and self-proclaimed “idiot” who spent a year compiling hundreds of versions of A Christmas Carol and turning them into one, single version.

via Comedy Central

The video highlights how many different versions of Scrooge’s story there are, jumping from a Batman comic to Veggie Tales in a single cut. But there’s a seemingly endless array of version cut together through film, TV, audio, books, and more.

As The AV Club puts it:

"There’s an unending parade of pop culture figures in here: Oscar The Grouch, Mr. T, Aqua Teen’s Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future, Sanford And Son, Montgomery Burns, countless audio versions and raunchy parodies, weird old Masterpiece Theater stuff, Lawrence Olivier, Howdy Doody, the Cryptkeeper, a couple of porns, Mickey Mouse, Matlock, Xena, and so on."

This nearly-hour long version of A Christmas Carol makes it’s point, that no matter how you’re telling the story, “bah humbug” always means the same thing.

God bless us, everyone.

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Listen up, drug dealers, if you sell your garbage on these streets, consider yourself on the naughty list.

That’s right, Santa Claus is coming to town, and this time, it’s personal.

via South Park

This year, Santa’s got a whole new bag because anti-drug units in Peru are dressing like Father Christmas, perhaps so they can gain entry into any house without a warrant via the chimney. However, Ol’ Saint Nick wasn’t so jolly after a brief stop in Peru, where he raided a suspected drug house, apprehending four individuals who wish they were getting coal this Christmas.

So next time you’re thinking about breaking the law, remember, he’s always watching.

via Toons Artie