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You really just have to watch to figure it out. This video has everything: puns, left shark, Shakira, fins that don't lie. EVERYTHING.

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This fight night was put on to raise money for Charity Vision, which Mitt Romney's son is president of. That explains why Romney was there to show his support but it doesn't entirely offer an explanation to why he dressed up as Nacho Libre and went into the ring. 

via @MittRomney

The main event featured Oscar De La Hoya and Mario Lopez but they were interrupted by two masked luchadores. Those luchadores were then interrupted by Nacho Libre, who turned out to actually be Mitt Romney in disguise? 

Last time this event took place, Mitt Romney entered the ring in a boxing match with Evander Holyfield so this time he had to step it up a notch. 

tupac costume controversy A Texas High Schooler Thought Blackface and a T-Shirt Made a Great Tupac Shakur Costume
Via: @ogechiaye
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This Texas high school student went to an off campus party dressed as Tupac Shakur, if you can call lazily slathering on black makeup and wearing a Tupac t-shirt a costume. As you can imagine, this caused outrage among fellow students.  While there are some who still support her, a lot of others are calling for some kind of punishment. To be fair, because it went viral on the internet and people on the internet are sometimes terrible, she's now receiving death threats so maybe that's punishment enough. 

yoda star wars Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wore an Amazing Yoda Costume to the Star Wars Premiere
Via: NBC News
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt just found an excuse to wear pajamas to one of the biggest premieres in Hollywood history. This guy is living the dream. 

His detailed costume includes two-toned Chucks, a bathrobe and The Grinch P.J. pants, just like the real Yoda. 

via dailymail

See, 100% accurate.

via Disney

The dress is now a Halloween costume.
Via: Yandy
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If you can think back into the far, far distant past, you might remember a little Internet nuclear explosion called The Dress.

Well for the low, low price of $46.95, you can turn that hot flash of virality into a Halloween costume that will roll the eyes of everyone around you.

Over at, they can make that particular dream come true.

Start the debate all over again in this "What Is The Color?" dress costume featuring a split blue/black and gold/white design that's sure to make you the talk of the part

Of course, it's not the most terrifying costume we've seen so far this year.

That honor goes to this horror:

But this dress one sure is the costume that we care the least about.

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Halloween's just around the corner!

And surely you've thought, "Hey, I'd love to dress up as a large lumpy potato with a horrifying black-eyed stare and a shock of colorful hair just to make the whole thing zing its way into the night terrors of children everywhere."

Well, you are so in luck! Some costume that slightly resembles one of those troll dolls from the 1990s, but more accurately looks like the untold insanity of pure evil, is now available from Joker's Masquerade.

Here's how they describe the thing:

This cute pink Troll Doll costume is both a charming and unusual fancy dress idea.

Includes a brown bodysuit with attached shoe covers, gloves and a rounded padded tummy.

A matching brown headpiece with stuffed nose, ears and a large grinning mouth is also included.

The headpiece is topped with a tuft of bright pink hair which can be styled to your liking.

Please don't dress like this for Halloween. You will surely get chased down the street by maddened villagers looking to destroy the thing they fear most.

"Kill it!" they'll scream. "Kill it with fire!"

PETA makes its own cecil killing dentist halloween costume.
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Who knew PETA wanted to get into the Halloween costuming game?

By this time, you've all most likely heard of Cecil the lion and the American dentist who illegally killed him.

And also, you've maybe heard about the preeeeetty tasteless costume thrown together by so that Halloween revelers can celebrate in style. It looks like this:

The page says it includes "severed lion's head, smock with fake blood splatters, gloves with fake blood splatters, dentist tools in front pocket".

Hilariously, after a big outcry and even bigger petition, the page also says this:

Due to public outlash and petition launched by Doreen Harley and the almost 40,000 signatures along with the opinion of our company we will be donating 100% of the profit from our Lion Killer Costume to a Wildlife Foundation. Our intentions are not to make profit off the beloved Lion. However please remember, if our costume caused an immediate reaction such as disgust or anger to you just imagine how Cecil felt.

But that wasn't enough for PETA, because nothing's ever enough for PETA. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put their best, most vegan minds to the job and created a Halloween costume of their own called "Cecil's Revenge Halloween Costume".

Here's a picture of it again.

The product page describes it as such:

Halloween aficionados can turn the table on trophy hunters' ghoulish pastime with this cheeky new limited-edition costume. "Cecil's Revenge" features a dentist's uniform with a "Dr. Palmer" name tag, complete with a plush lion grabbing the dental coat from behind, leaving bloody claw marks. Accessorize with a drill, a toothbrush, or a toy crossbow.

Oh, and it also costs $140.

So just know that come Halloween, you have many options available to you

It's very surprising no one has put together a sexy Cecil the lion costume.

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