Danny DeVito FTW of the Day

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After completely rejuvenating It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, imagine the shot in the funny bone he might be to other hit shows.

Don't miss the entire Photoshopped list, including Archer and Doctor Who.

Sad Celebrity Divorce of the Day

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Thirty years of marriage -- preceded by 11 years of shacking up -- and it's still come down to splitsville for Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

Irreconcilable height differences? No word yet.

At least we'll always have Matilda.

Unnecessary Sequel of the Day

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Remember that dream you had the other night where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito starred in a Twins sequel called Triplets where Eddie Murphy played their long-lost brother?

Well, guess what: That dream is coming true.

Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are reportedly in the early stages of developing the project, but Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and Murphy are already attached to the project, as is Twins director Ivan Reitman, who will produce through Montecito.

It's been nearly a quarter-century since the original film was released.