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A New Zealand father didn't want his daughter to be self conscious of her cochlear implant — so he got a tattoo of one for himself.

Alistair Campbell's daughter six-year-old daughter Char

Alistair talked to the New Zealand Herald about his decision

Mr Campbell, who had no other tattoos, said he wanted to do it to show her that he could go through a little bit of pain for her too.

"My love for her really," he said. "Hey my hair can grow back."

Mr Campbell had shaved his head completely to get the tattoo done but said he would be letting his hair grow back.

He'd shave it off again and show off the tattoo at "special occasions," or if Charlotte wanted to see it.

The article said Mrs. Campbell's mother had a cochlear implant and her son, Lewis, 8, wore hearing aids so it wasn't a big surprise when Charlotte needed one.

The tattoo has not only help out his daughter, but also drawn a great deal of attention to the Hear 4 Kidz Trust of which the Campbell family is a part.

WOW!! Alistair and Charlotte Campbell are world famous. This awesome story has gone viral (over 80,000 views and 15,000...

Posted by Hear 4 Kidz Trust on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You might as well just stop trying, other dads, the Father of the Year has been decided.

That was a joke. Never stop trying to be a good father, you dolts.

Macklemore releases his newest single, Growing Up with Ed Sheeran
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Mackelmore hasn't released a song in three years, instead choosing to take time off to probably go thrift shopping.

While he recently opened up about his experience relapsing on drugs, he saved his biggest news for Aug. 5, when he released his new single featuring none other than Ed Sheeran.

(Ed Sheeran just seems to be everywhere these days.)

Mackelmore explained the meaning behind the song and what brought him back to the studio in greater depth on his Instagram.

When you try to escape yourself, life has an interesting way of creating situations that force you to come back. To look at who you are. This is why "Growing up" felt like the right song to re-emerge with. It's where I've been the last year, through all the ups and downs. We didn't want to do a big campaign or anything over the top with this. We just wanted to put out good music, directly to the people that have been here since the beginning. Thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy.

And if you're wondering…

Our daughter, Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty was born 2 months ago on May 29th. There is nothing like the joy and happiness that comes from bringing a baby into this universe. She has filled my heart in ways that I never knew were possible. She is the love of my life. This song is for her.

You can listen to the full single, entitled Growing Up (Sloane's Song), right here:

Via: Gawker
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Well, this is one way to influence your kid's style of fashion. A few weeks ago, Scott Mackintosh, a father of seven children from Utah, donned a pair of disturbingly short shorts in order to teach his daughter a lesson about dressing appropriately, only to have photographs of his absurd outfit posted on her Tumblr blog shortly after. The post has since reached over 133,000 notes, prompting Mackintosh to set the record straight by writing a blog post and even appearing in a segment on the local news station KSL.

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