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Back in the 1980s, Coca Cola was in trouble. Sales were down as America went crazy for the taste of a new generation, Pepsi, and wanted desperately to be accepted by Generation Next.

Oh, to be a part of Generation Next, with their skateboards and aluminum jackets.

Coke actually realized that if it wasn’t for their lucrative contracts with distributors, Pepsi would be killing them in sales. This coupled with the fact that people, somehow, preferred the taste of Pepsi and even the gross Diet Coke to the all-american classic taste of Coke in taste tests — because focus groups are filled with complete mad mee. So Coke decided that they needed to update the taste of Coke and introduced New Coke.

What happened next will shock you…

People liked old Coke and wanted it back.

But how it got there is one of the most interesting marketng misteps in history. 

Check out the video for the history of why we went back to old Coke and still enjoy Blue Pepsi.

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Everything Went As Expected of the Day: A demonstration of the fizzy effect Mentos has on Diet Coke goes horribly right.


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