AutoTune of the Day

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The Silver Anniversary of Shark Week wraps up this weekend, and YouTuber melodysheep honored the Discovery Channel's legendary series in an appropriately modern way.


Shark Week Shenanigans of the Day

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In honor of Shark Week, the Discovery Channel asked fans on Twitter to submit pictures of themselves "photochomping" their TVs.

Naturally, everyone got it awesomely wrong -- instead of hands on head, like a fin, nearly all the submissions are of fans nom nomming their TVs.



Breaking Bear Grylls News of the Day

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Celebrity adventurer Bear Grylls has been dropped by the Discovery Channel, allegedly after he violated his contract by refusing to participate in two projects for the network.

"Due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has terminated all current productions with him," a rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Grylls' show, Man vs. Wild, aired its now-final episode on November 29th. He has yer to issue a statement on his termination.