Afternoon Snack

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Meet Shanthi, a 36-year-old Asian elephant at the Smithsonian's National Zoo who composes her own tunes on harmonicas, horns, or whatever else her keepers provide.

According to keepers:

She will use her trunk to cover anything with a hole in it and blow until it makes a sound -- and will often coax the objects to get different types of sounds from it. She taps objects with her trunk and flaps her ears against objects that make noise.

This video is a compilation of some her most recent work.


Escaped Elephant of the Day

By Unknown
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A shopping center in suburban Cork, Ireland, got a surprise visit from an escaped Indian elephant on the lam from a nearby circus.

The petulant pachyderm refused to be led away by its handler and took off down the street. Two circus employees eventually stopped the elephant at a traffic light as it was heading for Blackpool Shopping Centre and managed to escort it home.

No one was injured in the elephant escape attempt, but one shopper contacted police to report damage to his parked car.