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Just ahead of Pope Francis' first visit to America, Twitter rolled out some new emojis to welcome the leader of the Catholic church.

The social media company explained the new emojis in a blog post.

As Pope Francis (@Pontifex) makes his historic journey to the US, there will undoubtedly be excitement and celebration surrounding his arrival – both in the cities he visits, and on Twitter. Considering the warm Twitter welcome he received shortly after being named Pope, we anticipate many devotees will flock to Twitter to savor his visit.

No matter where you are, we want to make it easy for you to follow right along with his journey. We also wanted to offer a bit of fun to the proceedings, so today you'll start to see special Twitter Emojis that celebrate his historic visit to the US. To see the emojis appended to the end of the hashtag, simply Tweet your messages using these hashtags:

They also offered a list of notable accounts to follow during his six-day visit and a chart of the increased Twitter traffic it has caused.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey welcomed the Holy See with the new emoji:

And others have joined as he arrived.

Welcome to America, Your Popiness!

You will get a middle finger emoji in iOS 9.1.
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Rejoice iPhone users, for you will no longer need to use your words to express gross displeasure with someone via text. There will be a picture worth a thousand of them.

Something that was notably absent from yesterday's Apple event was the inclusion of new emojis which will be added to the plethora of pictures.

The most important of which is a middle finger.

It's not the only emoji making it to the list. There will also be a unicorn and even a burrito!

There's no public date for the release yet, but it is expected to be this year.

Swiftkey maps out the most used emojis per state.
Via: Swiftkey
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No matter which state you call home, you probably use emojis when expressing your various feelings.

Well, Swiftkey, makers behind the popular alternative smartphone keyboard, has taken their billions of emojis used and mapped them according to which state uses which picture emotion most.

A lot of them are really pretty obvious.

For instance, Washington state uses the music and coffee emojis most.

And Arizona uses the cactus and cooling ice cream the most.

Others are just interesting collections of a specific state's most pressing emotional ...um... state.

Like, Illinois panics the most about drugs and spaghetti. Probably because of Chicago.

New York is the strongest, dances the most and uses the Statue of Liberty most, obvs.

And we know you were wondering which state uses the poo emoji most.

It's Vermont.

Which one do you use the most and does your state represent it?

Sony will try to make an emoji movie
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Were you getting bored of all these movies based on 1980s board games and thinking 'I wish they'd make a film out of something less cinematic"? Well someone has heard your dumb prayer.

Deadline is reporting that an emoji movie is already moving forward and has a writer and director.

In a deal near seven figures, Sony Pictures Animation won a three-studio auction for an animated movie pitch centering on the Emoji, those lovable round headed figures that are as much a staple of social media correspondence as adverbs and adjectives. The project will be co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis, with the latter directing the feature.

This move came as a result of a three studio (yes, three studio) bidding war.

Apparently, Leondis shopped the project around because he had finally cracked the code on what would make the most compelling movie out of slightly more fully-formed emoticons.

They just have to be reactions to things right? Or will it animate those faces or that guy with his head down:

Wired had a pretty good explanation for why you don't make an emoji movie:

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Meet Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs and human emoji.

During an interview with Bishop on the Today show in Australia this week, host Karl Stefanovic brought up news that Governor-General Peter Cosgrove’s staff wanted a $2000 Thermomix for their kitchen.

He then asked Bishop if she knew what a Thermomix was. (It’s an expensive device that both heats and mixes food at the same time.)

“I’m going to answer in emoji,” she said, going on to make a weird face.

Well played. But which emoji was she impersonating?

Via: Tom Scott
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No, that is not a joke and nobody is making this up. You can reserve your emoji-only name here. I gotta say, this is making me feel pretty (SMILING PILE OF POOP)(PRAYING HANDS)(SUN WITH SUNGLASSES).

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Presumably this weeping kitty monstrosity is in reference to her American Music Awards performance in November (a performance that some have gone so far as to say was a commentary on her own internet infamy.) All we know is that this would probably qualify as an Ugliest Tattoo regardless of the celebrity subject, but boy does that help!

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