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So we here at The Daily What are hungry for something adventurous and awesome to try. So here's a roundup of some awesome new, weird, and just bad ideas in food that are trending today.

Two Words: PIZZA ATM

Xavier University in Cincinnati just got the world's first Pizza ATM and it broke the internet.

For nine dollars you can get a medium pizza 24-hours a day, fresh from the vending machine.

Applications to Xavier's Financial Aid office are available here.

Soylent Breakfast Coffee Food/Drink

Soylent has created a new breakfast drink called Coffiest that supposedly gives you a full breakfast AND coffee in one drink.

So far people are loving it...

...but if it tastes like regular Soylent, we might just be avoiding this one. If anyone tries this stuff, please leave a comment below and let me know how it works out for you.

The Trendiest Ramen Toppings

And then there's the ramen debate of 2016, accidentally instigated by Kylie Jenner.

By asking a simple question on Insta...

...she started Pasta-Gate. Everyone and their Mom weighed in on ramen toppings until that sh*t got old and they turned on her...

Personally, I like that big ol' salt packet they call "flavoring" on my ramen... and sadness. Because eating ramen is just sadness.

New Girl Scout Cookies!

Today is National S'mores Day and the Girl Scouts just released new Girl Scout's S'mores Cookies!

Everything those little lady-elves makes is so damn tasty, this one's definitely going on the list!


For veggie eaters who are actually really trying to become diabetic, the Zoats trend of mixing zucchini into your oatmeal and coating it in delicious toppings to negate the health-factor has lit a fire on Instagram.

With toppings like "Snickers Zoats," and "Eggwhite Vanilla," I can really get behind this food trend.

Bon Appetite!

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Made with a fondant, edible black marker, and named The Number Two, you too can eat sh*t a poop emoji churro at The Naughty Churro if you're in the LA-area.

The delicious concoction can be found at their pop up shop in the Night Market from August 5-7. Seriously, how transfixing is this?

(@thenaughtychurro) on

Definitely serving this one at my next family reunion.

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It's controversial. It's trendy. It's squishy. It's avocados used as buns! But seriously, would you eat this?

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One of the world's most expensive meals ever (accidentally) signed off on. A man who has chosen to remain anonymous for suspected motivations to retain some dignity, accidentally rang up a $1.3 million dollar meal at Inverurie's Rajpoot Indian Restaurant in Scotland. Before that fat tip, the guy's meal, which included three entrees and drinks came out to be less than $100.

The Evening Express reports that restaurant owner, Abdul Wahid said: "When he came to pay I gave him the card machine and he asked to put in the amount himself but it didn't go through.

"I then had to phone the bank for him and I answered all of the questions and they then gave me the confirmation code.

"At this time he still had the card machine so I never saw the amount he had typed in.

"But 10 minutes later I took the machine and looked at it and I just said 'oh my god what's happened, what have you done my friend'. I looked at the receipt and then he looked at it and he just said 'oh my …'

"He then rang his bank up to say it was the wrong amount and cancel it before paying the correct amount."

"This has to be one of the most expensive meals there has ever been. I have never experienced anything like this. It was really, really shocking,” said Wahid. “I still can’t believe it.”

image trends food Frosting-Stuffed Croissants Are the New, Grossly Sweet Food Trend
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Did you think the internet was going to let you go one day without creating a new trend that simultaneously makes your teeth hurt and your arteries clog just by looking at it? Don't be ridiculous!

Feast your eyes on the frosting-stuffed croissant. It's not limited to red velvet flavor, they also have birthday cake, cookies and cream and more. 

via @unionfare

Look at it, and let the power of sugar flow through you.

food trends video This Beautiful, Giant Raindrop Is Actually a Cake
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It's actually called Mizu Shingen Mochi but since it's a weird, tasteless gelatin blob it's being marketed to US customers as a "raindrop cake".  It's a common desert in Japan, made out of a seaweed based gelatin called Agar. Since it doesn't taste like anything, it's usually accompanied by a sweet syrup and a soybean powder called kinako. 

You can even learn to make it in this video:

starbucks wine food Starbucks Japan Is Introducing Frozen 'Wine Fragginos' to Their Evening Menu
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Starbucks in Japan is introducing their first cocktail to "Starbucks Evenings" a special menu that some Starbucks stores have that provides beer, wine and fancy snacks after four PM. 

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This new frozen drink is called the 'Wine Fraggino'. It's basically a Frappucino but instead of coffee (or anything else besides the ice...), it uses blueberry wine from Hokkaido.