George Costanza of the Day: A Smoking Guy in a Motorized Wheelchair Sets Off a Low-Speed Police Chase

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This guy's no O.J. Simpson.

A very low-speed police chase in Ohio gave led to some well-documented footage of the slowly escaping offender.

According to Complex:

After previously being escorted home by police following reports of the chain-smoking motorized wheelchair demon of speed careening through traffic just one day earlier, 34-year-old Graham Ley was once again the target of bemused police officers after receiving a call about "a man in a wheelchair [who] keyed a woman's car."

Shortly after police descended upon a cigarette-puffing Ley in the streets of Elyria, the daring motorist attempted to flee at roughly seven miles per hour — offering a cheerful thumbs-up to the person behind the camera. After a breathtakingly well-paced maneuver, Ley was eventually apprehended and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and a handful of other annoyances.

It all, of course, brings George Costanza to mind...

Music Video of the Day

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A Nickelback video with blond hottie Brooke Burns, George Costanza as a scooter-riding flair barista -- apparently that's a thing -- and no Blonde Jesus (aka, Chad Kroeger) in sight. That's almost a win, except for the part where it's still a Nickelback song.


Collaboration of the Day

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We thought this day would never come: With a new tagline -- "Soup for you! Soup for everyone!" -- Jason Alexander has partnered with the Original SoupMan as a celebrity spokesman.

"We had one of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld ever, somewhat at his expense," Alexander says. "But now, I get to make amends by helping bring his recipes to everyone."

And just like that, George Costanza and the Soup Nazi have made their peace.


George Is Getting Upset of the Day

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George Is Getting Upset of the Day: Mitt Romney loves to quote George Costanza at debates and rallies. He's done it at least three times in the past, including during last night's CNN debate.

Except he gets it wrong every time.

"As George Costanza would say, when they're applauding, stop," he told last night