Interspecies Intermingling of the Day

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Samantha, a 47-year-old western lowland gorilla at the Erie Zoo, has been all alone since her companion Rudy passed away in 2005. Zookeepers decided to try and alleviate her loneliness by giving her a pet: Panda the Dutch rabbit.

Initially cautious, the keepers introduced them in increments before leaving Panda alone with Samantha (keeping an escape hatch open just in case). But their concern quickly abated as the two took to each other right away.

Samantha's handlers say they aren't worried as she's never expressed anything but fondness toward Panda. Still, they say the bunny is more than capable of holding his own.

"He's fearless," says the zoo's chief executive, Scott Mitchell. "He's not threatened by her. More often they're closer together than they are farther apart."

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Animal Cruelty of the Day

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Animal Cruelty of the Day: After five years apart, a man reunites with the gorilla he raised like a son, bonds with him, and then promptly leaves.

"Where are you going, dad? I was getting those raisins for you, dad! Don't leave me, dad! DAD!"

why won't the tears stop.


Early Bird Special

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Early Bird Special: Tuesdays suck too -- so here's Zola, the Calgary Zoo's breakdancing gorilla.