KXAN in Austin, TX Can Definitely Into Geography

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Ignoring the noticeable missing 'R' from 'Search Area,' no, that is not, in fact, where Perth is. It's understandable that your average American kid wouldn't know Australian geography, but a news station? Here is Perth's actual location:

We smrt tho, wee promis.

Headline of the Day

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Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner is considering a political comeback. Headline writers at the New York Post couldn't be happier.


Ryan Gosling One-Up of the Day

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Cory Booker, the popular mayor of Newark, NJ, has burnished his reputation by saving a woman from a burning building.

A roundup of the day's best Booker headlines from around the Internets:

Booker visits Piers Morgan tonight to discuss the rescue, in addition to gun laws and the Trayvon Martin case.