Tough Guys of the Day

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Florida-based artist Scott Scheidly has created a portrait series like no other; his reimaginations of some of history's notorious characters are "fabulous," as he puts it, and in more ways than one.


Single-Topic Tumblr of the Day

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A Scottish artist named Michael decided to spice up the popular Pictionary-style game Draw Something by adding a simple self-imposed rule: always draw Hitler.

His Tumblr, "Ignore Hitler," chronicles his attempts to communicate his assigned words while gratuitously sketching one of history's worst villains and violating Godwin's Law six ways from Sunday.


Magazine Cover of the Day

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Magazine Cover of the Day: TIME puts Osama bin Laden on par with history's greatest madman with a decidedly unsubtle homage to their own iconic cover wrapping this week's issue, which hits stands Thursday.

As several have previously noted, Hitler and bin Laden share at least one important similarity: The deaths of both were announced on the very same day -- May 1st.