Useless Invention of the Day: KFC Reveals a Bucket of Chicken that will Print Your Selfies

KFC wants you to print your pictures on its new bucket of chicken.
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Talk about pic in the bucket! (Sorry.)

For some reason, maybe to get attention like this, KFC Canada has unveiled a bucket of chicken that prints out your cell phone pictures via bluetooth.

You know, that thing you've demanded for decades.

According to the Daily Meal:

The idea is that KFC customers order a bucket of fried chicken, take a photo on their smartphone, and print out a Polaroid photo from the bucket.

It seems that the printer and phone connect via Bluetooth. All you have to do is press the "Snap" button and the Polaroid-like photo prints out.

KFC Canada also released this snazzy video with a group of hip youngsters using the thing.

No one knows why KFC would want to do a thing like the Memory Bucket as it's called. Though KFC Canada is approaching its 60th birthday, so maybe that.

It's just another miracle of modern fast food science, like Pizza Hut's projector box or Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed pizza.

Come to think of it, Pizza Hut has led the last revolutionary decade of useless technological food goods. We have a new contender!

Korea is Taking the Double Down to the Next Level

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Yes, that is a Double Down (you know, the sandwich with chicken instead of bread) with a beef patty and bacon in the middle. Your heart valves just closed reading that sentence.

KFC Japan Has Made a Fried Chicken Keyboard for a Promotional Event. I Will Take a Dozen, Please.

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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Progress of the Day

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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Progress of the Day: KFC over the weekend released a statement denying claims it had opened its first Iranian branch in over 30 years

The fried chicken chain closed up shop in the Persian republic following the Islamic

Lights Out

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Lights Out: Leave it to Peter Serafinowicz to produce a KFC commercial that renders its viewer incapable of eating anything ever again.