Kickass Cupcake of the Day

Kickass Cupcake,pb chocolate cake
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Kickass Cupcake of the Day: Mini peanut butter Oreo chocolate fudge swirl cupcake.

Say that five times fast and there may be none left for you by the time you're done wasting time that could have been spent eating mini peanut butter Oreo chocolate fudge swirl cupcakes.


Kickass Comestible of the Day

Kickass Comestible,Kickass Cupcake,National Strawberry Month
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Kickass Comestible of the Day: In honor of National Strawberry Month, Jasmin Fine @ 1 Fine Cookie whips up a batch of her world-famous cupcake-stuffed strawberries.

That's right, fatty: Strawberries stuffed with cupcakes.

Excuse me while I return to my hom

Magical Comestible of the Day

butterbeer,Harry Potter,Kickass Cupcake,Magical Comestible
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Magical Comestible of the Day: After downing several frothy mugs of butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Amy's thoughts immediately turned to converting the fantastical concoction into a cupcake.

Even if you have no idea what butterbeer is or have never tasted it, you will love these. Essentially, the flavor profile is that of a buttery cream soda cake, filled with butterscotch ganache, topped with a but